World’s Collide Target Leak part 2

World’s Collide Target Leak part 2

World’s Collide Target Leak part 2

Hello everyone! It’s Spoiler season. I managed to get my hands on some of the starter sets as well. I cracked at least one open. Here are the two decks and my thoughts about some cards. I am focusing on ones that I haven’t seen spoiled yet. Let’s get into it!

All my shadows cards have already been revealed somewhere. Here they are nonetheless. Confirmed: Bad Penny still here, as well as Key of Darkness. Trust No One was great in testing. Especially with low creature count.
Same with Brobnar. These have been revealed but here is the list. I think Ballcano is much better than it appears at first glance.
Looks like the Brew has whatever name on it. Everyone gets a brew! Mega Shorty doesn’t say Mega Shorty on his Reap ability. TYPO! Shorty looks like a great fighter, like all Brobnar should be.
The Untamed set!

Creed of Nature can turn the smallest creature into a formidable fighter. Harmonia is a better/worse Hunting Witch, in that it will almost always be worse. I don’t think the Elusive is worth losing the payoff half of the time. Low Down is greater the later the game is. Untamed still coming with combos. Reap with your team, kill them off somehow, get additional aember and bring them back next turn.

Let’s check out my one New House! It’s very defensive with some capture and warding.
Force Field is FANTASTIC on any creature with a capture or strong reap ability. Encounter Suit is obviously great if you can immediately follow it up with an Action card. It also prevents death from board wipes.

Khrkhar is a great Taunter. Hazardous 3 combos very well with the amount of Ward that Star Alliance seems to have. At least in this deck.
House cheating is always good. Xenotraining captured 2-3 most times. It helps you can play a creature before you play it, likely increasing its effectiveness.
My favorite 2 cards in this deck. Frane captures and then her blaster let’s you keep all her aember. Note that the blaster can move from a creature, OR be played and attached to get the effect.
Great board wipe, somewhat similar to Standardized Testing. Garcia is almost a lash on a creature!
These cards were just okay. Increasing key cost is always great. The skirmish equipment doesn’t matter that much IMO. I’m sure it will save a game here and there.
Do Ballcanos come in 2’s, or is it just me?

Guji is going to be a great meta thing to kill Dinos and any capture. Warriors’ Refrain is going to slow games down quite a bit. 3 Alakas! She can be used as aember ramp or removal. I think she’s great. 3 may be too many though.

Last but not least, my favorite robots!

Daughter’s low power makes her not as good as Mother to me. She will be picked off by many small removal cards. Elusive is not a fair trade off for 5 power. This effect with any stats is amazing though. If she were 1 power, I would be happy to see her. The automaton that never dies is interesting. If you board wipe the Destroyed trigger will still see your other creatures, leaving it the last creature standing. I don’t think Wormhole Technician is particularly good, as it only hits Logos, but it DID actually let me set up Chaos Portal in practice games. I love this art in particular. Robots, portals. Two thumbs up from me!

We managed to get two games in with the decks. My first impression is that Ward and Star Alliance will be a strong defense strategy. Brobnar STILL seems great to me. This Untamed deck seemed a little iffy, but it’s possible I got the low end of that. I wonder if Shadows is similar to AoA, or if it will be a little weaker. It didn’t feel as strong, but the sample size is still too small to tell. I am very excited for this set! I can hardly wait!

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