Shard of the Week: Worlds are Colliding (and I feel fine)

Shard of the Week: Worlds are Colliding (and I feel fine)

Shard of the Week: Worlds are Colliding (and I feel fine)

With GenCon came some big announcements. The next set of Keyforge is “Worlds Collide” and features two new houses! Best of all, some of the spoiled cards have given hints that this set is shaping up to fit well with both the competitive and fun aspects of the game. There are so many positive things to talk about, so lets jump right in!

The sales display at GenCon. Attending players could get some new retail products early.

First off, we have Gamegenic providing the first official sleeve and deckbox accesory line for Keyforge. I haven’t had a chance to personally inspect these products, and this isn’t a review of any kind. However, whether you decide to use these products or not isn’t the point. The point is that players will finally have branded options available. It shows me that this game is going strong. I’m especially excited for the Keyforge sized inner sleeves.

There are even more signs from GenCon that this game is headed in the right direction. One sign was the amazing Vault Tour attendance. 255 players in the main Sealed event, 201 in the Archon event! Those numbers can’t be ignored!

Spoilers were on display for all too see, as the game developers finally get to share their work at GenCon!

Next, we have the big announcement of two new houses: Star Alliance and Saurians in the next upcoming set. With the addition of these two new houses, we will be saying a temporary farewell to Mars and Sanctum.
But there’s more to the story than just two added factions; they also spoiled a ton of new cards… and good news… they look competitive, fun, and very flavorful!

I would like to take a moment to discuss my favorite spoilers (so far) of Worlds Collide. I feel these cards all represent what FFG is getting right about this great game.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. This card is basically Mother, a card that feels almost essential to a good Logos house. At common, we can expect the average value of each Logos house to be much better, making decks more worthwhile to open. We’re going to notice that theme throughout this list.

EDAI 4×4
Raising Key Cost is good. Archiving is good. Thinning your hand is good. Common rarity is good. So what is bad about this card? Nothing. If you thought Murmook was good, how about a version that does even more? This card is absolutely incredible.

Tautau Vapors
Another great Logos common? It’s becoming obvious that there are gonna be a lot of crazy Logos decks in the wild. This one lets you draw 2 cards AND Archive a card. The fact that it lets you draw before you archive is crazy. Sure, it doesn’t give an Æmber like Labwork, but I personally think drawing 2 is better.

Sensor Chief Garcia
The thing I like most about this card is the versatility. I believe most of the time this won’t prevent a forge, but at it’s worst it makes your opponent lose 2 more Æmber to forge. That’s enough for me to put it on the list. But depending on the rest of the set, this card could be even more important than we expect. It could be a great synergy with Too Much to Protect or Burn the Stockpile, if those cards make the cut. And it’s common. Again.

Sci. Officer Morpheus
Finally an uncommon on my list. Gaining play abilities might not work great for every deck, but play abilities do seem to be a recurring theme for Star Alliance. That means you will likely gain immediate benefit from this card. It will be especially good with abilities that capture or steal upon play. I’m interested to see just how crazy this can get.

The Saurians are not to be outdone. The Ward ability looks menacing on Tricerian Legionary. Whereas Sanctum had Champion Anaphiel as a power 6 Taunt creature, the Tricerian starts with only one less power in trade for a Ward token that will be much more useful. The Ward is a replacement effect for one instance of damage or removal from play, so you won’t be able to bounce him back to hand like a traditional Taunt creature, or kill him off with a board wipe. This makes him much better at protecting your important creatures. Oh, and guess what… he’s common.

Imperium also grants the Ward ability to two creatures, while giving an Aember. Also at common.

While we’re on the topic of Warded creatures, lets add City-State Interest to the list. It captures a whole bunch of Æmber… and they’ll have a hard time getting it back.

There are alot of other great spoilers out there, and I think we’re going to see Worlds Collide containing all the potential that players could hope for.

We’ve only seen a fraction of what to expect from Worlds Collide! The rest might destroy more than a few worlds, but also the entire metagame!

Until next time!

— Jason

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