Vance’s Tournament R1 M1

Vance’s Tournament R1 M1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first match in my tournament! Let’s get right into things.

The Decks:

Both of these decks actually came from the same box of 12. I like them both but we’ll see who comes out on top.

First up is Improbably Furry Karl.

Why I Like the Deck: First off I absolutely love the name. I also love the cool Coward’s End Maverick in Mars. What I think I love most though is the shear number of multiples. Karl has four triples AND another four doubles. I’ve never seen another deck with this many multiples and double Invasion Portal is just plain fun.

Deck Analysis: Karl wants to win on the board. With only 10 printed aember, he needs some creatures to survive and reap. Fortunately Karl’s creatures have a lot of oomph. On the Brobnar side, three Trolls, three Ganger Chieftains, and two Gauntlets of Command make it tough for the opponent to keep much of a board presence. The Giants are tough enough to usually survive a turn or two. His Mars creatures aren’t as tough but with two Invasion Portals he can cycle through the deck to build a bigger board quicker. On the Shadows end, three poison waves (in addition to the ammonia clouds in Mars) can handle a lot of smaller and more elusive creatures. He also has a little bit of steal and two Miasmas to delay an opponent long enough to emerge victorious. All in all Karl’s simply a fun furry deck.

Next up is Tourlaville of Cruciland.

Why I Like the Deck: This deck has lots of tricks and with three Hunting Witch and two key cheats it often wins fast and regardless of the opponent’s board state.

Deck Analysis: Tourlaville might only have 11 printed Aember but 21 expected Aember lets it move very very quickly. The primary draw is the Untamed suite as I’ve already mentioned the three Hunting Witches, six total Untamed creatures, and two key cheats can be downright unfair. It’s quite possible to start with only one or two Aember in a turn but still generate a key. On the Dis side, it’s got Restringuntus, two Dominator Baubles, a Shaffles, and an all important Gateway to Dis. This deck cannot win on the board. A timely Gateway can make all the difference. The Logos end also has lots of fun tricks. Library Access is useful for a big turn even with the recent errata. Strange gizmo gives the deck a second board wipe which especially comes in handy. Tourlaville takes a bit more skill to use but is a great deck.

My Opponent: For this match I rocked it out with KCee as my opponent.

The Games:

Match 1: I took Karl and KCee took Tourlaville. This match was a bit one sided as I didn’t even see one of my houses until the game was half over. By turn four, Karl had six Brobnar creatures out and Tourlaville couldn’t do anything about it. KCee tried to delay with some smaller creatures and an effervescent principle but I forged the first key on turn six. I then pivoted into shadows to steal some Aember going right back into check. KCee and Tourlaville didn’t have anything in hand to stop me so I forged Karl’s second key on turn seven. KCee tried but the cards just didn’t line up and the Brobnar army reaped Karl to a turn nine Victory.

Score: Karl: 3 keys, 7 aember, nine turns. Tourlaville: 0 keys, 5 aember, eight turns.

I simply drew amazingly and Kcee didn’t. I never even called Mars. First match went to Karl.

Match 2: We switched decks and KCee started out with Karl much as I had the previous game. Karl got a Brobar army going strong. Tourlaville delayed one turn with an effervescent principle but it looked like Karl might steamroll again, until I drew my Gateway to Dis. I played the wipe but KCee still got the first key on turn five with Karl. Although, with the Brobnar creatures wiped, KCee switched over to Mars. On turn seven Tourlaville matched her with a big Untamed turn using two hunting witches and Chota to forge a key. Next came some good back and forth but Tourlaville took the lead with a second key on turn elevan. Karl followed suit on turn 12 tying the game at two keys, but it wasn’t enough as Tourlaville forged the final key at the start of the 13th turn.

Score: Tourlaville: 3 keys, 1 aember, turn thirteen. Karl: 2 keys, 2 aember, twelve turns.

This one was a great game with lots of back and forth and it seemed like it could go either way.

Match 3: With each deck having won a game I played this match against myself. I unfortunately didn’t save the full text of the match though. Tourlaville won it handily due to drawing both gateway to dis and strange gizmo at opportune times to wipe out Karl’s board. I promise to save match transcripts from now on!

Score: Tourlaville: 3 keys, 8 aember, turn ten. Karl: 1 key, 9 aember, turn nine.

Final Score:
Tourlaville: 2 Wins, 6 Keys, 14 Extra Aember, 31 Turns

Karl: 1 Win, 6 Keys, 18 Extra Aember, 30 Turns

With that Tourlaville is the Victor and moves on to the next round. Will Karl’s efforts be enough to keep round two Improbably Furry? Only Time will tell.

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