Signed Up for a Vault Tour! Now What? Practical Tips to Consider

Signed Up for a Vault Tour! Now What? Practical Tips to Consider

Signed Up for a Vault Tour! Now What? Practical Tips to Consider

Hello Keyforgers! This article is a follow up “Get to a Vault Tour! Practical Planning Tips to Consider”. This article isn’t about strategy but will focus on the practical aspects of what to expect when you actually get to a Vault Tour. The Gen Con double Vault Tour is right around the corner so I am hoping this benefits the first-timers there or serves as a reminder for veterans.

The Day Before 

Tip 1) Know the day and time of the Vault Tour

  • This is common sense, but you don’t want to miss it or be late! 

Tip 2) Get plenty of sleep the night before

  • You will be playing at least 6 rounds of Keyforge the next day and doing who knows what afterward. It’s going to be a, long, exhausting, but mostly fun day! So make sure you’re well rested.

Tip 3) Nutrition: Bring some snacks, something to drink, and have a quick plan for lunch.

  • If you get hangry easily like me, you’ll want something to munch on. Head to the store beforehand to grab some sustenance. I personally like bringing a refillable water bottle, granola bars, and Cheez-its. There is typically a lunch break between the middle rounds, but it is only 30 minutes which isn’t much time. There are typically lots of food options, but if you plan ahead of time that’ll help with the time crunch. If you’re brave/crazy, you may forego the lunch break and wait until the end of the day.

Tip 4) Equipment

  • Make sure you have all your Keyforge stuff! This includes tokens, opaque card sleeves which are required at Vault Tours and other premier tournaments, playmats, and decks. It would be terrible if you forgot your deck for the Archon format, just saying… It’s also nice to have a few extra decks for a few games of pickup or side events after the Vault Tour is done. 
  • Don’t forget your convention badge and event tickets either. I had a nightmare that I forgot mine….and it terrified me.

The Day of

Tip 1) Arrive early for check in

  • Check in hasn’t always gone smoothly with technical issues but here’s to hoping all goes well. I would say arriving 30 minutes early is a good amount of time but I know many people go earlier. Don’t forget to account for travel time and walking to the Keyforge area. 

Tip 2) Double check your equipment and get focused

  • It never hurts to double check just in case you forgot something. In the off chance you did forget some tokens, there will probably be extra at check in or a nice fellow Keyforger will let you borrow some. I like to take a few minutes to prep myself for at least 6 rounds of the awesome game of Keyforge!

Tip 3) Know Evaluation Time

  • Archon Formats- Bring your best deck(s)! You will have 2 minutes each round to review the opposing deck lists.
  • Sealed Format – You will receive 3 decks and have 15 minutes to evaluate them to choose which one you want to play for the duration of the tournament. During the rounds, you won’t get to review your opponent’s deck lists.

Tip 4) Talk with people and watch people play

  • The Keyforge community is awesome! As the day goes on, get to know some new people, make some friends, cheer people on, and better yourself by learning from watching others! Who knows, you may end up playing them later!

Tip 5) Try your best and HAVE FUN!

  • It’s always fun to win, and if you’re attending a Vault Tour, that’s probably one of your goals. If you try your best, then hopefully you get some wins along the way to make day 2 or at least some of those aembershards for the prize wall. However, remember that Keyforge is a game, full of ups and downs, and tons of variance so anything can happen. At the end of the day, I think Keyforge is so much more than winning. Keyforge is a game, played by a great community, so just remember to have fun no matter what.

The End of the Vault Tour Day

Tip 1) Know the time for Vault Tour Day 2

  • If you are one of the few that make the cut, then congrats! Make sure you’re not late for day 2. If you don’t make the cut, you should come watch assuming your schedule allows. The games on day 2 are typically crazy fun and close!


  • No matter if you make the cut or not, make sure you do something fun! There are so many things you can do after a Vault Tour like play more Keyforge, hang out with cool people, eat, drink, play a new game, explore the city, and so forth! 

I hope this little write up helps newcomers feel a little more comfortable about their first Vault Tour or serves as a checklist for those who have been to Vault Tours before. It’s an honor to play Keyforge with you all and hopefully help the community! I am excited to see you all at Gen Con! 

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