Shard of the Week: Tricks, Treats, and Worlds Collide

Shard of the Week: Tricks, Treats, and Worlds Collide

Shard of the Week: Tricks, Treats, and Worlds Collide

Welcome back. I hope you’re having a creepy October!
Worlds Collide is approaching quicker than a grim reaper on skates. Pull up a chair, hold out your bag, say ‘trick or treat’… the candy is on it’s way!

Lets dive right in for some chewy caramels…

Our first treat is the release date of Worlds Collide.
Friday, November 8th.
Sure, some decks slipped out early from Target stores, as well as decks sold early at the Essen Spiel Germany event- but this is the official release… it’a a really big deal.
Save the date because Æmber shard rewards from store events are going to be getting a 5x multiplier.
Yup, that’a right, earn 5x shards from your local game store… starting from the 8th and running for two whole weeks!
I would like to point out that if you won every round of Archon and Sealed in your LGS, you would gain a total of 60 shards in just two weeks. Holy mackerel. Might even be worth driving around to some additional events. If you have an awesome deck you’ve been keeping away from chains- now may be the time.

But the treats don’t stop there.
If you did manage to get a Worlds Collide deck early, it can already be registered to your Master Vault.
Looks like I have a few decks to scan when I get home today. It appears that all the unofficial ratings sites are scrambling to get statistics available for the new set as quickly as possible. I’ve gotta say, I appreciate all the hard work that is making Worlds Collide smash into our planet so fast! We have a fantastic fanbase with this game.

Enough Treats, Time for a Trick!
We still haven’t gotten word on the 1 year anniversary celebration being planned by FFG. On a positive note, we have no reason to believe it’s not happening. Just something to keep our eyes and ears open for in the near future.

But here’s something sweet to unwrap… the rules update for Worlds Collide is on it’s way. November 5th is the day to find out if your deck really does what you think it does.

One last news recap before we delve into madness.
The contents of the new Premium Box were announced. To anyone curious, it contains:
2 WC Decks
Tokens (including Armor)
Dial Chain Tracker (admittedly, it’s cardstock- but still a good addition)
Token Tray
6 Tuck Boxes for Decks (includes house stickers to customize each)

Overall, I’d say they did a really good job delivering a useful product here. I’m considering picking one up.

And now for some mad science!!!
(cue sinister music)
One of the thoughts I had after seeing the new Anomaly cards was “just how rare are these things?”
Well, we likely have an answer to that question.
After crunching the numbers from all the decks currently registered with Worlds Collide, I have come to the close estimate of 1 in 35 decks.
I love the idea of a new type of chase card, and these odds are exciting. Now we have the chances of opening a maverick, a legacy, or an anomaly.
Anomalies… 1:35 decks
Mavericks… 1:24 decks
Legacy… 1:12 decks

Keep in mind, these are approximations but relatively close.
When we factor these odds together, one in every six or seven decks will contain that extra little treat.

Team Reapout has already been finding competitive decks from the new set. The new strategies are amazing. Our own Devin Chiriboga has already piloted a Worlds Collide deck to 3-0 in chainbound. It’s a good start- and I can’t wait to see what even higher level decks will look like. His deck (Forceleech Wendig-Glen, Oracle) utilizes many of the new powerful commons. Best of all, it boasts two copies of Imperial Scutum and three copies of Tribute. This potent two card combo allows you to gain 2 Æmber, give a creature +2 Armor, and capture 4 Æmber that the opponent won’t be getting back.
It’s just a small example of what Worlds Collide commons can do. Amazing.
One of the opened decks I purchased online has three copies of The Evil Eye… which is basically the action equivalent of Lash of Broken Dreams. Much of the deck is focused around key cost increase. It wasn’t hard to find a deck I wanted when so many of these are looking highly competitive… and incredibly varied in what they do.

Keyforge keeps growing.
Locally, our Tuesday night events have been thriving with really good turnouts.
We have our Store Championship coming up this Saturday, November 2nd at 5pm. My LGS is WNY Gaming in Hamburg New York. If you’re ever in the area, stop on in. It’s an awesome place to forge some keys!

With any luck, I will have piloted my triple Evil Eye deck to some victories by the time I submit my next article.
Next time you hear from me… worlds will have collided.
Happy Halloween!

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