Safety in Numbers: An Analysis of Worlds Collide

Safety in Numbers: An Analysis of Worlds Collide

Safety in Numbers: An Analysis of Worlds Collide

Welcome back to the Shard of the Week. Jason here, and today I would like to share some of the statistics I’ve been looking at for Worlds Collide. The set has been in the hands of the players for a while now and the Crucible Online has been the tracking all those wins and losses. Looking deeper, they also track which cards are in winning decklists. This leads to some interesting statistics that help us understand the current meta as it becomes defined by the strongest cards.

So I’ve crunched the numbers and come up with the best cards from Worlds Collide (as of Dec 1st).
This analysis comes direct from online play reporting. While those numbers may be accurate, just take this report for what it is: Some interesting numbers that may seem only slightly more relevant when they start hitting those higher percentiles. There’s alot of factors that make a deck great or terrible, but I find that statistics like these are a strong reflection on what the meta is becoming. Even more interesting, these are like mini top 10 lists that are made without voting.

So lets check out the cards appearing in winning decklists from thousands of games.
Let’s do this!

Saurian win rates
Saurians are clearly definining the meta. Their percentages are very high compared to the norm and not to be taken lightly. If this doesn’t inspire you to buy more Worlds Collide decks, what would? Strangely, this high win percentage has a ripple effect that elevates the ‘Dinosaur-hating’ cards in the other houses.

57.2% Cincinnatus Rex
56.5% Spartasaur
55.9% Tertiate
55.5% Primus Unguis
55.0% City Gates
54.0% Philophasaurus
53.6% Tribute
53.6% Saurus Rex
53.5% Thero Centurion
53.4% Phalanx Strike

Capture, exalt, and ward are the obvious strategies here. What stands out, however, are the cards focused on fighting- such as Cincinnatus Rex and Spartasaur. If you knew nothing about this set but were told that capturing æmber and fighting were the focal points of one faction, you might assume that would be a counter-intuitive strategy. Yet the Saurians somehow manage to pull it off really well.

Star Alliance win rates:
Our other newest house, Star Alliance, has some surprises in store for us. Remarkable win rates highlight which strategies we can expect to see. This is one of the top three houses from Worlds Collide.

54.9% Garcia’s Blaster
54.4 % Captain Val Jericho
54.3% Molina’s Blaster
54.2% Uncharted Lands
54.2% Disruption Field
53.6% Chan’s Blaster
53.4% Galactic Census
53.4% Quintrino Flux
53.3% Operations Officer Yshi
53.2% Comm Officer Kirby

Some additional high ranking cards include Information Officer Grey, CXO Taber, Lay of the Land, and Sensor Chief Garcia. It becomes obvious that the best strategies of this house are relying on board presence while rushing through both cards and æmber. The Blasters were my biggest surprise here, but they make sense when we consider the removal of wards and eliminating the low power threats of previous sets.

Brobnar win rates:
In house Brobnar we see a massive decrease in win percentages compared to the other houses.

51.8% Mega Mogghunter with Brew
51.2% Fyre-Breath
50.5% Berserker Slam
50.1% Mega Ganger Chieftain with Brew

Beyond this point on our list, we start seeing a below average win % for poor Brobnar. Only four new cards stand out as above average. Quite disappointing.

Shadows win rates:
I don’t want to misinform anyone to the power of Shadows in Worlds Collide. Despite the lack of amazing entries to the set, old returning favorites keep them as powerful as we would expect. Too Much to Protect, Hidden Stash, Ronnie Wristclocks, Sneklifter, and Treasure Map are just a few of the heavy hitters that easily outrank our list of new entries.

53.8 % Saurian Plant
53.6% Keyforgery
53.6% Hunter or Hunted?
53.3% Weasand
52.7% Manchego
52.5% No Safety in Numbers
51.8% Star Alliance Plant
51.7% Hock

Shadows decks in WC seem to be a coin flip. Half the time, you get an incredible list. The other half, a mediocre list. That’s not to say Shadows is bad, but it’s not the house I’m hoping to open from Worlds Collide. It works, though… sometimes. I could just be playing the wrong plants.

Dis win rates:
The first high ranked Dis cards were also featured in previous sets and should come as no surprise… Collar of Subordination, Three Fates, Key to Dis, Poltergeist, but lets get to the new stuff…

52.9% Snag
52.0% Lord Invidius
51.9% Gleeful Mayhem
51.8% Infurnace
51.5% Dinosaurs’ Bane
51.4% Beasts’ Bane
51.4% Thieves’ Bane
51.1% Obsidian Forge

Strangely, the next card on the list for Dis was Harbinger of Doom, which is one of my favorite combo cards with Obsidian Forge.
Who would have guessed the ‘Banes’ would be on this list? Not me, but apparently they aren’t all that bad.
Snag > Infurnace? That was a surprise for me.

Logos win rates:
Logos boasts the highest win rate card in Worlds Collide…. Zenzizenzizenzic.
This is the best Logos has ever been, in my opinion. They have massive draw potential, archiving, and can ping away wards really well. This is another of the three major houses which is defining the new meta. They make a fantastic support strategy when you can protect their creatures.
Older cards of note are Positron Bolt, Twin Bolt Emission, and Wild Wormhole- which all rank pretty high on the list.

57.5% Zenzizenzizenzic
55.5% EDAI “Edie” 4×4
55.3% Mimic Gel
53.9% Universal Recycling Bin
53.4% Daughter
53.2% Tautau Vapors
53.1% Information Exchange
53.0% Data Forge
53.0% C.Æ.N.D.L.E. Unit

Untamed win rates:
Most of their high ranking cards play out like a ‘greatest hits’; Nature’s Call, Mimicry, Flaxia, Teliga, Fuzzy Gruen, Regrowth, Witch of the Wilds, but there are some good new ones mixed between these all-stars.
Nature’s Call is Untamed’s best reprint, as many might have guessed, but can you guess what card is in second place? You might be surprised to discover Vineapple Tree in that spot. Aside from Nature’s Call, it outranks all those previous mentions.
So let’s look at our final list-

53.9% Vineapple Tree
52.9% Fangtooth Cavern
51.7% Musthic Murmook
51.6% Eldest Bear
51.0% Imprinted Murmook

I’ll leave the list there, since such a large majority of the best cards in Untamed are just reprints. We can tell by the numbers that the house is performing decently.

The Conclusion
The win rates reflect these statistics, as Logos, Saurian, and Star Alliance are the most common winning houses of the entire set. Shadows, however, is still ranked #1 when including all sets… for now.
That’s all for today… I’ve got an itch to open some more packs. Fingers crossed for a Zenzizenzizenzic.

Until next time, may the forge be with you!

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