Shard of the Week: Predicting the Future

Shard of the Week: Predicting the Future

Shard of the Week: Predicting the Future

Players love to speculate about what their favorite games might look like in the distant future. I’m no different.
Much like an infamous Strange Doctor you may have heard of, I too have viewed millions of possible futures.
After meditating and using my vast powers of the mystic arts, I decided that it might be alot of fun to share these possible outcomes today.
These aren’t necessarily spoilers… yet.
Rather, they are strong possibilities based upon my own extensive observations from playing collectible card games for around 25 years.

In the future, will the wording on Free Markets finally make sense?

Some may be likely, and some may disappear into ashes with a snap of the fingers.
Let us dive head first into the infinite, as we explore the many unwritten futures of Keyforge!

Prediction 1… Heroes and Villains will Blur the Lines

But where is Duma the Destroyer?

We all have our favorite rares we love to open. Epic heroes and well conceived villains. Most card games eventually blur those lines- making the heroes and villains more ambiguous than we had believed. Imagine a future where instead of opening Lupo the Scarred from Untamed, you open Lupo the Enslaved from Dis. No longer is Ortannu Chained… now he’s Ortannu the Blessed, freed from his immortal prison and appearing as a glorified Sanctum spirit!
The tropes of heroes and villains switching roles is an obvious one, but takes time. The mythos has to marinade for a few years before we will see this sort of thing, but I’m confident in this prediction.

Prediction 2… Key Colors will Matter

One imp, two imp, red imp, blue imp.

Don’t be surprised if two years from now you’re saying “…if I hadn’t forged the blue key I could’ve won”!
There’s such a huge variety of options to make this work; with cards punishing key colors and others giving bonuses for it.
Some specific things I would expect to see include “your (color) key costs 2 less to forge” and a whole variety of creatures with abilities changing based on what colors the opponent has forged.

Prediction 3… ‘Broken’ Æmber

They’re just gonna steal it back anyway, right?

We already have the æmber we expect to see. It grants a bonus on cards that would otherwise be slightly lacking impact to the game.
But what about broken æmber that drains from your pool instead?
This broken, cursed, or shattered æmber (whatever you call it) isn’t just a downside. Rather, it’s a balance put on cards that would otherwise be too powerful. How much æmber would you lose to play a Gateway to Dis and Arise! on the same card?

Prediction 4… a Very Full House

We’ve had Timetraveller paired with Help from Future Self. We’ve had the Four Horsemen. We’ve even had as many as 7 Plague Rats filling up that Shadows list.
But how far can Keyforge go?
The amp doesn’t need to stop at 11. How about all 12?
I really think this is a possibility. One themed rarity taking up every slot in a house. How excited would you be to open 12 copies of Rapscal Swarmling in a Brobnar house? Or maybe one copy of a Faerie Bumblelord with eleven Faerie Bumbleriders?
My fingers are crossed… FFG, make it happen.

Prediction 5… a Three-Eyed Race…

I spy with my little eye…

Ok, so this is where I might be going off the rails a little. Maybe I’m secretly a genius. Maybe I know how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Do I have the Colonel’s Secret Recipe?
I’d like to believe so.
Fantasy Flight may have had a spoiler in our faces the whole time.
Pile of Skulls.
Looking at this card in hindsight, we clearly see a Saurian skull…
…but what else do we see?
One skull with three eyes, some ooze that is extremely out of place, and the rest of the skulls representing the factions we’ve seen so far.
Could we have been handed a literal pile of spoilers?
I hope so.
But what would a three-eyed race represent in Keyforge? Well, to answer that question I would simply say that the third eye is often a representation of wisdom. So maybe some sort of futuristic monks? It does look like a staff poking out from behind that skull, but who knows.
The bigger question is “what do you see when you look at Pile of Skulls?”

Prediction 6… Growing Recognition…

This is the easiest prediction I could make, but it’s the one I’m most excited for. Keyforge is so easy to get back into playing. It’a unlike other card games in the best way. You could stop playing the game for two years, then jump right back in without missing a beat. If someone asked me to play Doomtown, or Magic, or some other old forgotten card game like Wyvern, I would need to sort through my collection and build a deck. Keyforge isn’t type of game. You grab a deck and go. For that one specific reason I would bet on Keyforge growing in player base, tournament signups, and product distribution. Larger retailers will eventually be forced to notice the sales they are missing out on, so don’t be surprised when you see more major retailers carrying product. That’s where the domino effect will start it’s biggest topple. The widening audience of casual players, familiar with the game and readily reminded at the checkout by the blister pack so temptingly sitting on display.

So that’s my list of predictions. I may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for!

If you spot anything out of the ordinary in any card art (or have a speculation of your own) feel free to contact me. I always love hearing from my readers.

Until next time, keep your mind on your æmber and your æmber on your mind!


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