Shard of the Week: My Predictions of the Next Set

Shard of the Week: My Predictions of the Next Set

Shard of the Week: My Predictions of the Next Set

Welcome back to Shard of the Week.
Today gives us the opportunity to speculate on the next Keyforge set. It’s a good idea to get these predictions made early before the spoilers start piling in.
On the 30th, Fantasy Flight will be officially announcing their upcoming set.
Predicting new cards and game designs has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and now I get to share a piece of that excitement with my readers.
So before I go any further, I want to clarify that I have no inside information about this set… I know just two small things that were leaked so far.

What we know…
The houses: Sanctum, Star Alliance, Shadows, Saurian, Dis, Logos, and Untamed. These were spoiled from a starter box sitting in the background of a Fantasy Flight Games live stream.
We also have an approximation of the set name, leaked through various means, which is supposedly “Mass Mutation”.
We don’t have much to go on, and that’s just how I like it! Let’s get started.

Infurnace Continues
Regardless of whether Infurnace gets a reprint, there’s no denying that the card has made it’s mark in design and I feel we are likely to see cards with similar designs. For example, a Logos creature that can archive from your discard pile. Perhaps an Untamed card that purges two of your discard pile cards to allow you to gain the printed Æmber from those cards. Similar design, but completely different in functionality.

Untamed Control
Æmber control in house Untamed has almost always been about raising Key costs, but I think ‘Mass Mutation’ is going to work a little differently. Perhaps a Giant Murmook that raises all Key costs by 3, but this is still more of the same… it’s almost too obvious. I’m more inclined to see something along the lines of “opponent’s Keys cost +1 for each other friendly Untamed creature”. I’ll finalize my prediction as Key costs being increased in increments as a result of specific creature-based circumstances. There’s also a chance we could see Word of Returning getting a reprint, as it fights the Saurian and Sanctum threat.

Familiar Mutants
In keeping with the theme of the set, I expect to see more cards that are the same but different. Mutated versions of famous beings from the Crucible. Who will it be? That’s alot harder to pinpoint, and venturing any guesses would be nearly pointless. Maybe we will even have the chance to pull either version but never both.

What Does Mutated Really Mean?
My most wild prediction is that the decks themselves will be mutated.
What do I mean by that?
More variation within the cards.
Much in the vein of the Mega creatures having their accompanying Brew cards, I think we are likely to see alot more cards ‘mutating’ other cards in your deck. It’s a design that FFG has been working at (apparent with the Megas) and it’s unlikely they would just stop there.
Just how prevalent will the mutations be?
We will just have to wait and see.

Only one thing is certain…
Right or wrong, I’m excited. The next set is going to shake up the meta yet again!

Until next time, REAPOUT!!
—Jason Shearer

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