Shard of the Week: Making Your Deck Dis-appear with Worlds Collide

Shard of the Week: Making Your Deck Dis-appear with Worlds Collide

Shard of the Week: Making Your Deck Dis-appear with Worlds Collide

On Sutterkin’s desk sat a blurred computer monitor. It crackled with a vague ghostly image; warped, crablike, with ‘energy’ swirling about the head.
If you can call it a head.
A simple LED layout below the monitor bore the name of this being… ‘Chieftan V. Kharnudge’.
This was the Archon that Archimedes was stamping his metal talons about.

“…they’re getting ready to print our cards, and if I’m quick enough, I should be able to tamper with the procedure.”

Far away, in the dimension containing Earth, the printers finish rolling… and look at that crazy name… ‘Chieftan V. Kharnudge’.

Somehow, the meddling of Professor Sutterkin ensured that these Worlds Collide decks would end up at Target stores… long before the official release date. In fact, many Target stores still have them available online with various discounts depending on how much you spend. Getting some decks early has been a real thrill for alot of players.

97.6% of the community is loving it, according to Sutterkin.

I’m loving all the spoilers, too, in my own particularly demented way.
There’s one specific thing that I’m over the moon for; the challenge of making cards disappear.

What do I mean?

I mean purging and archiving, and there’s alot of it. While winning is fun, sometimes it can be just as enjoyable to set a strange personal goal to achieve. Making a deck so small that I can’t draw a full hand… this has been a strange fascination of mine since the game’s inception.
Certainly there are ways this can work to a huge strategic advantage as well, smaller decks can give consistent draws of all the cards you want to see over and over again. For now, lets just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful ways that Logos and Dis will make our deck Dis-appear!

So many cards can allow you archive multiple cards… I can’t wait for this set!
Strange interactions ensure all the purge and archive will be done in drastically different ways with each deck.
Old favorites, and new additions. While Buzzle is like a self-hating version of Archimedes.
Infurnace may be my favorite new card. So much manipulation at common? Imagine pulling 3 of these! Goodbye deck!
Lesser Oxtet, permanently fixing draws and it has a Lash ability… dear lord!

We can make use of our purged and archived cards, too. While it may not always be a game winning strategy, it will definitely be alot of fun!

EDAI makes better use of the archives than you could hope for. At worst, it’s a Murmook that archives a card. At best… +35 to forge? Hahahaha….

We don’t really have much of an idea of what the real strategies of top tier Worlds Collide decks will look like. Probably a bunch of dinosaur stuff? Maybe Shadows? One thing stands out for me… the ability to archive and purge is powerful. It was an unexpected reveal from all the spoilers. The real question now is, from Worlds Collide… what cards would you want if your deck was reduced to half it’s size? What cards are you excited to purge from your opponent? From a strategic standpoint, I’m excited to have more ways to interact with some of the combo decks that we all love to hate. Heart of the Forest, Martian Generosity, or even just purging a Too Much to Protect. All this purge is about to shift the metagame in a big way!

What is your favorite spoiler from Worlds Collide? Am I off the mark thinking all this purge and archive is amazing?

Until next time!


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