Shard of the Week: Running Your Events- Some FAQs from AoA

Shard of the Week: Running Your Events- Some FAQs from AoA

While attending AoA’s release the one thing I wasn’t counting on were all the questions that would arise. Today, I’ll be delving into some of my most commonly asked questions from our weekly events.
Hopefully, reading through this makes your event management alot smoother….

Drummernaut / Grey Rider and Combos

The rule of six applies alot more heavily in AoA. Cards like Drummernaut combined with Ganger Chieftain, or even just two Grey Riders side by side. It’s an easy slip up to use a card six times in a turn, while also having played the card that same turn. The rule of six applies to the using or playing of a card no more than six times. Therefore, if there are no creatures in play and two Grey Monks gets played, the player should only be able to reap for 4… not 6…. four activations and two plays adding up to the rule of six.


What happens if Archimedes and his neighbors get destroyed simultaneously?

Destroyed effects happen BEFORE the card would leave play. Therefore, Archimedes will be in play until after the destroyed effect happens and you will archive his neighbor(s). Similarly, if we have an effect in play stating “if a creature would be destroyed, purge it”… this would have no effect on Dextre, Bad Penny, and the neighbors of Archimedes since their destroyed keyword effects happen before other abilities that interact with destroying. Archimedes adds that keyword to his neighbors so they will always trigger first.


What happens to the card under Jargogle if he leaves play without being destroyed?

The card underneath Jargogle is discarded, the same goes for Masterplan being destroyed.

Titan Librarian (end of turn effects)

Do I archive and draw, or draw then archive?

End of turn effects occur after readying and drawing cards. Titan Librarian is designed to give long term advantage in this way, archiving AFTER drawing to your full hand size.

Wild Wormhole / Chaos Portal / Murkens + (Alpha and Omega cards)

Can I ever play an alpha or omega card from the top of the deck?

If you reveal an alpha card from the top of your deck with the use of another card, you simply can NOT play it. It returns to the top of the deck. If you reveal an omega card this way, your turn will end after that card resolves. I watched this happen at the last event I attended as Duskwitch got played off a Chaos Portal and abruptly ended the whole turn. Ooof. Watch out for this kinda thing. Murkens players… I’m looking at you!

Z. Y. X. Researcher

Who chooses the order for destroyed cards to be placed in the discard pile?

Now that discard pile order will be relevant to gameplay, players will need to be alot more careful about how they handle cards being destroyed and actions being played. It’s all too commonplace to see simultaneously destroyed cards just get scooped into a stack and discarded in a careless order. Certainly it won’t matter all the time, but the proper rules dictate that the active player makes the choices for what order cards go to the discard pile. After destroyed effects trigger, of course.
Another common oversight comes from action cards. Some action cards allow you to discard a card from hand or play the top card of a deck. Just remember to fully resolve all of the action card first, so if you play a sloppy labwork you will discard a card from your hand first and then when the action has fully resolved, sloppy labwork should be the top card of your discard pile.

There is something amazing I have noticed about our Keyforge community: the lack of rules lawyers. Most players are okay with just accepting a general consensus from their local player base and moving the game along. It’s this good natured mentality that makes our games great… and my appreciation is what keeps me learning the rules to provide the clean gameplay that our player base deserves!

Until next time, keep forging ahead and glory be to Mars!

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