One Scaly Spoiler for the Homebound

One Scaly Spoiler for the Homebound

One Scaly Spoiler for the Homebound

Mass Mutation is shaping up to be an impressive set! In particular, I’ve been really enjoying all the capture and exalt mechanics we’ve gotten to see.

Well, today we get to see just a small peek more!

So I went to check my email and I had recieved a message from the Saurian Republic. Apparently this quarantine has gotten them angrier than ever. House arrest has really made their blood boil… and they’re bored of politics. Saurus Rex can’t even reach to use the toilet paper properly! They’re a riled-up bunch and you had better stay indoors… or else you might see this guy…

He’s obviously on the hunt for toilet paper.

What really stands out about Decimus is his ability when used with fighting. Eliminating two cards with only one is a common example of how to get ahead in almost any card game. Now we have a creature that can even fight a warded creature and (if Decimus survives) will destroy that warded enemy. At uncommon, we’re sure to see him often.

My thanks go out to the Saurian Republic for their awesome spoiler card and constant claw washing.

Hang in there, everyone. We’re getting through this pandemic together. We will all be back to playing at our game stores before you can say “Bingle Bangbang”.

Stay safe, stay indoors, stay healthy… is that why Mars isn’t in Mass Mutation? I’d like to think so.

Until next time!

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