Mass Mutation Spoiler Season

Mass Mutation Spoiler Season

This is a spoiler for the next set of Keyforge so if you dont want to see new cards or mechanics turn back now, for everyone else lets dive in!

The newest mechanic to be added to the crucible is Enhance. An ability that allows for very wild things. Can I get a key charge with 5 Aember pips? Maybe a Gateway to dis with 2 or 3 damage icons to clear up some wards before you wipe the board? What about say, a Senator Shrix with some capture icons! All of these seem great and I’m very excited for the possibilities. The other thing about this ability that excites me so much is the uniqueness it adds to the decks. Imagine being the only one in the world with a Key Charge with 5 Aember pips, the looks on opponents faces would be priceless as they glance over your archon card before the game starts. Now not only is your deck unique but some of your individual cards are as well. This takes the unique deck design in Keyforge to a whole new level!

With the added ability of Enhance we have also gained some new pips, which are very interesting on their own. We are all familiar with the aember pip icon but this set will also add three new ones Capture, Damage and Draw. Just like aember, you will do them first in order from top to bottom so, lets say your Lost in the Woods has an aember, two Capture and a draw pip. First you will gain an amber, then you will capture one amber on a creature you control then capture another aember on a creature you control draw a card then shuffle two of your creatures and two of your opponents creatures into their respective decks.

Hystricog – The first spoiled enhance card of the set. It’s a soild four power creature with three damage icons to pass around to its friends. Then you can use Hystricog to clean up those damaged creatures with its action ability. This is a pretty neat design as it allows you to use Hystricog to clean up some after its damage has been spread around. It is not CTW tier but it’s a very solid card that i wouldn’t mind having in my decks.

Rad Penny – If you liked Urchin you are going to love Rad Penny. There isn’t a lot of downside to this card and I think everyone knows at this point that stealing 1 is good. It also doesn’t clog your hand like Bad Penny does, this card is great and I would love multiples.

Snarette – Seems like a family member of Charette from CotA which I was a fan of. This card while not being the same, could end up capturing and removing more aember from the game then its counter part. I would love to have a few of these in most of my Dis lists as it’s a solid utility card that can help control opponent’s aember supply.

Dino-Bot, Lyco-Bot, and Umbra-Bot – These seem similar to the Brews from WC Brobnar. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess there is one of these for each house other then logos so there will be 3 more to be spoiled. I do like that they have used a slightly different art on each card, which appears to be the arm of whichever house it’s mutated into. Out of these three I believe Dino-bot to be the strongest, with Lyco-bot in second and Umbra as a follow up in third.

Armory Officer Nel – Another top of the line Star Alliance card here. Since it triggers off your opponent’s upgrades as well, it should give you a lot of advantage in a mirror match. At four power it should be fairly sticky as most removal damage spells are three or less. Adding the Enhance icon is also awesome as it may let you draw into another upgrade off of a creature or something creating greater deck efficiency. This will be a strong card and could likely lead to some powerful decks.

Ardent Hero – Is the hero we didn’t know we wanted, but the hero we all need. At four power and not being dealt damage by 5+ is gonna make it very sticky against fighting decks. If you can pair it with anything with a positive static ability and you are gonna have a very annoyed opponent.

Deusillus – @#@%^ Wow TWO cards to make ONE GIANT creature is very interesting. I’m not convinced these are going be very good in competitive decks. Although they will be a lot of fun assembling at casual and store level events. With the downside of needing both cards to play the creature it could end up in your hand as a chain for a lot longer then its worth, especially if your opponent has a response for it the next turn.

Bull-wark – A more offensive minded version of Bulwark, I think it’ll be deck dependent if it’s better or worse then Bulwark. If you have some other Assault creatures you might be able to build a solid board, fighting off opponents. However, a lot of times fighting can be counter intuitive to the long term game of forging keys.

Gizelhart’s Wrath – In set vs other Mass Mutation decks, I believe this will be a strong card. It will gain and lose power based on the number of mutants in your deck as well. When you start playing cross set games this card seems awful as it likely to wipe your board a lot more often then theirs.

Thanks for joining me for a quick spoiler session! I am very excited for this upcoming set. Even the box art work looks great! Until next time, REAPOUT!

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