Kori “VermontGamer” Joyce

Kori “VermontGamer” Joyce

Kori "VermontGamer" JoyceMy name is Kori Joyce, I am 33 and from Vermont! I have a beautiful & extremely supportive wife and 2 amazing children. I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember. From Chess, MtG, Stratego, etc. to Final Fantasy and Zelda, I am passionate about them all (except FPS and Sports games, blech).

I started into KeyForge in early March 2019, missing pretty much all of the initial release events. My first Vault Tour was at AdeptiCon (March 2019), where I made it top 4. I learned real quick how much endurance/stamina a 2-day event takes, your brain becomes mush.

I am excited to see where the game goes, and hopeful that FFG has a long term sustainable opportunity with this one. I see myself as both a competitive player and an ambassador for my region. Helping stores, clubs & conventions to schedule and run events, as well as teaching, advertising, and hyping up the game to grow our community.

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