Age of Ascension Set Review: Brobnar CotA Reprints 1 of 7

Age of Ascension Set Review: Brobnar CotA Reprints 1 of 7

Spoiler Alert!!!

Welcome back to Knowledge is Power. Since I wrote the last article, a lot has been spoiled from Age of Ascension. I was originally going to pick three cards from each house that had been spoiled and discuss them. Since we now have a lot more information about the set. I’m going to make this into a 7-part series. Starting today with the reprints from Call of the Archons (CotA) of house Brobnar. If you aren’t interested in spoilers, turn away now because that’s the main focus of this week’s Knowledge is Power. If you are, however, looking for more information so you can crush the upcoming Vault Tour, your local release event, or just reevaluating your CotA decks against possible Age of Ascension (AoA) decks, then this article is for you. I’ll be using a scale of 0 to 5 for the cards and I have them scored each for Sealed and Archon. Remember these are my opinions, memorizing the numbers and adding them up wont mean you have found the best deck.


Coward’s End – Not exactly my favorite Brobnar common from CotA, however it does fit the theme of encouraging fighting. It’s good at cleaning up boards after your guys have fought for a few turns. It is much better in sealed as I believe people will tend to play more creatures in sealed then archon events on average. I am still not hyped to see this card in multiples. Sealed 3, Archon 1.5

Ganger Chieftain – One of, if not, the best common from house Brobnar in CotA. Krump, Punch, and War Drummer are also really good. Very happy to see this back. It gets better the more your deck is focused on fighting. Pair it with houses dis and/or sanctum and the card’s quality grows from there. Don’t forget you can ready one of your own Brobnar creatures on an empty board and reap. Sealed 5, Archon 4

Gauntlet of Command – Solid common card that scales in ratings as you get more creatures in your deck. Particularly good with fighters as it requires a fight if possible. As mentioned with Ganger Chieftain above, you can ready a Brobnar creature and reap as long as your opponents board is clear. Sealed 4, Archon 3

Tremor – I’m not huge of this card. On average, it will be better in a sealed environment than in archon. It doesn’t give you an aember and will cause you to stun your own creatures if your opponent doesn’t have any. In this situation look to discard it and move on. However, there will be times your opponent has Faygin, for example, or other elusive creatures that are harder to kill and you don’t have many creatures out. Tremor will help you buy time to build a board so as to do your fighting and kill Faygin and others. Sealed 3.5, Archon 2.5


Blood Money – A very average uncommon. As with a lot of the Brobnar cards, it encourages fighting. Blood money allows you to put two aember on an opponent’s creature from the common supply. The problem is that it requires your opponent to have a creature. Brobnar cards can become very situational and this is one of causes. Great when you get to pull it off, but can really clog up a hand and slow you down at times if you don’t discard it. Sealed 3, Archon 1.5

Blood of Titans – It’s an upgrade and I haven’t seen many upgrades that I love yet. This one does give you an amber and does allow for you to fight with your Brobnar fatties more. It is a fine upgrade giving the attached creature +5 power. I’d rather have a Ganger Chieftain or a lot of the other creatures though. Sealed 2.5, Archon .5

Burn the Stockpile – Solid aember control and even the threat of this card in your archon deck makes your opponents play differently. I like to see this in any Brobnar deck I open. In sealed, when your opponents don’t get to see the deck list, its even better. Burn the Stockpile can really swing games in your favor late. It can be a bit binding to have in the hand early but if your opponent is threatening quick amber burst or if you have ways to force the key cost over 6, keep it around. It’s worth missing out on a few cards if you can pick off 4 amber at the right time. Sealed 5, Archon 4.5

Relentless Assault – Allows you to fight the turn you play your Brobnar creatures, not my favorite card, but is usable. Again, if the board clears, reap with some Brobnar guys and then ready them to reap again. Sealed 3.5, Archon 2.5

Screechbomb – Great card that can lead to tempory swings to take your opponent off a key for a turn and combos great with too much to protect in shadows which is also back. Type of card I love to have in my decks. Sealed 5, Archon 4

Smith – Solid card and combined with other good fighting houses/board control it really shines. Three amber in one turn from a single card for a Brobnar deck is hard to come by, but this fills the slot and always gives you an amber even if you don’t have a creature advantage. Sealed 3, Archon 3

Sound the Horns – This card is really good at facilitating graveyard combos. In particular, I’m thinking routine job. Its also good for thinning your deck and getting discarded or used cards back faster then normal. I feel this is a well designed card. Since it’s more of a combo card the Archon rating is going to be a range. Sealed 4, Archon 2-5

The Warchest – This is the type of card that can really snowball, it’s not a consistent card so I don’t prefer it. However, as an artifact it gives you aember at the end of the turn for each creature destroyed in a fight. It will be better in sealed, but I really don’t like it in my archon decks. Sealed 3, Archon .05


Barehanded – Artifact hate has been coveted so far, I think it’s important for both sealed and archon to be able to have some responses to a card like Lash of Broken Dreams even if it is for a turn. Lash is spoiled as being back, so I will be happy to have a card like this in my deck. Definitely gets worse the more artifacts you have in your own deck. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3

Bigum Avalanche – Five power is about the best thing this card has going for it. Deals two damage to enemy creatures when you forge a key. I personally would rather have about any of the other common or uncommon Brobnar creatures from CotA. I’m expecting the same from AoA, however, it isn’t the most unplayable, or situational rare, and it doesn’t completely turn me off when I see it in a deck. Sealed 3, Archon 1.5

Champion’s Challenge – This card just feels redundant in a Brobnar deck. A lot of times you already have control of the board and you usually end up giving up more creatures than your opponent. It gets discarded a lot for me because it’s normally not worth keeping your self chained for turns while setting it up. Sealed 1, Archon .5

Iron Obelisk – Very well designed card for Brobnar. Cards that increase key cost can be very powerful and this one in the right deck is no exception. Make sure the deck has 6 to 8 Brobnar guys and preferably the bigger ones. Otherwise, it can be less than impressive which means this card can scale in ratings. Sealed 3-4, Archon 3-4

King of the Crag – I mean hes the King! How does one even question the King? He is a very solid Brobnar rare though. Seven Power and giving you a huge advantage in the mirrors as he reduces opposing Brobnar creatures by two power. I prefer Brobnar a lot more in sealed so expect this guy to shine more there then he does in Archon. The balance of power could always shift and make Brobnar the best. I do not mind having him in any Brobnar deck. Sealed 4, Archon 3.5

Lava Ball – Can help finish off a board and make sure you establish board control. It is nice that it can also hit a flank creature for four and still splash two. Solid removal, not flashy, but does its job. Sealed 3.5, Archon 2.5

Mugwump – One of the better creatures for helping to control the board in Brobnar. Heals itself and gains one power after every fight. It does not combo well with Coward’s End though, which is a common that has been brought back. I’d rather just have Ganger Chieftain most of the time. Sealed 3, Archon 2

Phoenix Heart – This card is fine. Setting it up sometimes can take more work then is necessary, but having a possible board wipe is great in match ups vs Mars, Shadows, or Untamed. Specially where they can fill a wide board of small creatures. Sealed 4, Archon 3.5

Pile of Skulls – One of my least favorite rare cards throughout all the houses. Pile of Skulls is active all the time and even during out of house turns. Still very underwhelming and situational because it only captures an aember by destroying opponent’s creatures and requires you to have some. Sealed 2.5, Archon 1

Rock-Hurling Giant – Having to discard a Brobnar card can be a steep cost. However, in practice, Coward’s End winds up being a dead card more often then not and turning it into 4 damage is not the end of the world. Sealed 3.5, Archon 2

Take That Smarty-pants – The flavor is great! A huge giant stealing some aember off a swarm of robots is prefect for how I picture the crucible. These types of cards that target a single house tend to be too specific to be consistent. Take That Smarty-Pants is one of the better ones as it always nets you an amber even when not versus Logos. For that reason it’s never a dead card and will be outstanding versus anyone bringing their Mothers to battle. Sealed 3, Archon 2.5

Tireless Crocag – Doesn’t reap at all, but Brobnar doesn’t seem to be concerned with reaping often. He’s on my lower end of rare cards I want to see in my Brobnar deck though. It is important to be able to reap when the board is clear. What’s worse is he requires the opponent to have some sort of board presence to stay alive. I’m not completely upset to have this guy in my deck but just realize he does come with some downsides. Sealed 2.5, Archon 1

That’s all for house Brobnar, which didn’t exactly thrill me in CotA. However, the view of the crucible is always shifting and the rock band stands to be more productive at finding shards at Chainsbound events as AoA seems to be more focused around board control then CotA where they really shine. As I mentioned in the introduction this will be a 7-part review and I will continue tomorrow with house Dis. So check back tomorrow, till then REAPOUT!

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