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Welcome back to Knowledge is Power! It has been a while since I last wrote a Keyforge article, my life has changed quite a bit. June 2nd my Lady Bailey and I welcomed our first child into this world. Since that day it’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs. Everyone of them has been more than worth the lack of sleep which has occurred since then. They recently announced four more Vault Tours in the United States. (Collinsville, IL; Las Vegas, NV; Richmond, VA; and Albany, NY)

I’m ready to dive into some of the new archetypes AoA has brought us. While most people are familiar with rush, aember control, and even LANS (pre-Errata) from CotA I think there has been less attention drawn to some of the very good archetypes in AoA that can not only compete at your Local Game Store, but can be serious contenders for the latest round of VTs.

Lets start with BRIG. Oh, what is BRIG you ask?

It’s a combination of two cards starting with the Alpha card Binate Rupture, as you can read in the card text above means it has to be the first thing you do during the Play, Use, Discard step. Then follow up with Interdimensional graft in the same turn. In an ideal world our opponent would get up to 5 or more aember before they have forged their second key. They would then forge their first or second key and give us the remaining aember.

While the combo alone can produce a pile of aember, it is key that the rest of the deck not only be able to produce the combo consistently and on time, but it must also have something to do with the aember as in a Key Charge, Chota Hazri, or a way to protect it if your opponent just Swindles it back from you. Too Much To Protect, Ronnie Wristclocks are 2 of the front runners for this Mimicry does a fine job as well. The best BRIG deck I currently own Able Aristocrat Cloak of Daleford is Logos, Sanctum, Shadows so while it doesn’t have a key cheat, it does have the TMTP and Ronnie. It’s taken me a while to fully understand and grasp how the deck played, AoA as a whole is a much deeper set. CotA has its bombs but with the Archiving abilities of Logos in AoA the amount of decisions on each turn can be overwhelming for people who just played CotA where most the time the board state didn’t matter and it was just about rushing.

As you dive deeper into the combo, the best BRIG decks will have a combination of great card draw and archiving from House Logos. For card draw this could include Eyegor, Time Traveler, or Proffesor Sutterkin and for archiving Labwork, Titan Librarian, Eureka! or my personal favorite Knowledge is Power. These are some of the top end Logos cards you will want when looking for a quality BRIG deck to play.

Like almost any good deck in Keyforge, a solid BRIG deck should also be able to win games without the combo. So in my off houses, I prefer some sort of board control. (Big Creatures, Board Wipes) In this particular deck it’s paired with Sanctum, with cards like The Spirit’s Way, One Stood Against Many, and Lots of Large Sanctum Bodies. This board control does a great job extending the game in order for me bide time finding the combo. The Sanctum also has Oath of Poverty which provides a great form of burst in the late game.

With all that said and done the only real way to know if your BRIG deck is good enough is give it a try. Play it 5 to 10 times to get a feel then when you understand how it plays, play another 5 to 10 games and record your results. I prefer to play against a wide range of opponents to really get a feel for the deck. Not all BRIG decks are equal, some will be rush based, some will be mid-range, while others might be a full on control version. So while some of these tips and tricks are great and you can apply them to your own game plan, the uniqueness of Keyforge will not allow me to tell if your deck is good enough or not just based on metrics or the eyeball test. The real key to the game is get out and play your decks, even if that is onilne, but get your reps in and know your deck inside and out. Til next time keyforge fans, REAPOUT!

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