Shard of the Week: Keyforge Fan Stories and Deck Submissions

Shard of the Week: Keyforge Fan Stories and Deck Submissions

Shard of the Week: Keyforge Fan Stories and Deck Submissions

A short while back I made some requests to various social media outlets asking readers to send me selfies. Not just any selfies, but ones that include their most unique or special Archon.

The response was massive. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to choose just ten. So instead, I picked eleven plus a few nonofficial entries. Why not? I love the fans of this game!

This was one of the most enjoyable articles I’ve had the pleasure of writing, and it’s all thanks to the numerous incredible stories I got to hear along the way.

So I proudly present 10… err 11 Archons and stories from actual players… plus a few more.

Our first interesting submission came from AJ Pepple.
He wrote:
Graeme, the Rogue of Nightcastle was the third deck I opened for AoA, and just seeing the name got me excited. I opened it “Jean Claude” style, by removing the list without looking and flipping the deck over. Every card I looked at had me screaming like a teenage fangirl at a Jonas Brothers concert. After the Vault Tour at Gencon, I had the man himself (Reapout’s Jean Claude) sign it. He asked me “Are you sure? This deck is definitely valuable”. But I didnt even bat an eye; my only concern was if it would be tournament legal (which it is). I will forever treasure this Archon, as it helped me step into a new tier of Keyforge playing.

Next up we have Nguyên Hoàng Giang from the London Urchins Team.
My keyforge deck is special because it doesn’t have Shadows. A lot of players might laugh when they see the decklist… but that laughter ends when they play against it.
I’m currently 46-4 using Easly “Feathers” Invisitable.
All the houses in my deck can control æmber, triple Control the Weak to ruin opponent’s turns, and a fantastic Mars lineup.
I hope this deck can make players believe that a deck without Shadows or fancy combos can still win.

I believe, Nguyên.
I believe.
There’s more to the game than Shadows decks. I like the team name, too. Maybe we will get to see a Reapout vs London Urchins matchup in the future.

Whoa, lookout… here comes entry three…
Harry Pape-Luijten submitted this excellent entry showing off his vacation.
Shivahost, the Baroness Enticer.
This deck is special to me because I bought it in Reykjavik, Iceland during a holiday two months ago… after descending into an empty volcano that same day! The volcano is the ‘Thrinikagigur’. The journey was 120 m into the empty magma chamber, inside of what amounts to a big glass elevator. The view was incredible.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter what deck you open as much as when and where you got it. Thanks for sharing!

Moving on now to Jim Rudd Levy (AKA MediatorJ) with Dangercauldron, the Crook of Cheethas. No, that’s not a misspelling (at least on my part). Cheethas was just what the algorithm decided on. I find it interesting because I could definitely foresee someone accidentally spelling it this way.
I believe this is my most unique deck. It is the only registered deck with 4x Dust Imp and a Master of 2. Much of the æmber gain is by reaping, destroying the imps (with Master of 2 or Relentless Whispers), 15 bonus aember, and a little bit of stealing. And then an Arise! to resurrect all of the Imps, Master, and the Tentacus. Throw in a bit of board control in each house, and it can be interesting (though challenging) to play.
It really bugs me that Cheetahs is spelled incorrectly. While not my best deck, it’s certainly interesting!

I hear ya’ there! I pulled a deck called The Abductor that Cocoons Abduction. Now seriously… how can you cocoon the act of abduction? At least it makes a little sense having Mars in the list. It’s not quite as bad as Cheethas, though. That would bug me, too.

Brad Minnigh gave a terriffic submission, and a selfie that shares his enthusiasm!
This was my very first Keyforge deck I ever opened… and it shares my name!
Bradbear, the Carefully Robotic.
This deck will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s funny to look back at it now, because when I first played with it I thought it was awful, but with my gained experience it looks like a decent deck. It has triple Wild Wormhole and double Mother.

My first deck was Alonzo, Forum Lord General. I was going to change my name, to Alonzo after opening it, but the legal expenses were too much so I stuck with Jason.

Jordan Charles was happy to share this great deck.
He That Delivers The Curious
I chose to submit this deck because the name is great.
Because 3 Rituals of balance is great.
Because 9 Mars creatures + Incubation Chamber + Hypnotic Command is great! Because Neutron Shark is great! And a good deck without Shadows… Greater!

Sounds great! But you know what’s greater than greater? How about being randomly selected to win 10 Æmber shards for your deck submission!

One interesting thing I’ve noticed: alot of the stories I was sent gave a huge thumbs down to Shadows. But moving along…

Mark Hannibal brings us Pancevolt of Armouth.
About a month after the game was released I discovered a cool combo: Screaming Cave and Control the weak. It quickly became my favorite and I started searching for decks that contained this combo. After about a month of searching, I bought the prize of my collection.
The æmber gen, the key cheating, the control, and the fun I have with it is more than any deck I’ve gotten since. I played with it at Gen Con and even got the archon card signed by Brad Andres!

I’m a fan of Screaming Cave decks. My favorite deck has one, and it brings a whole new strategic depth.
Brad seems like a really nice guy, and I’m hoping to get the chance to meet him sometime in the near future.

Brooks L. Clark from team Reapout tried to bend the rules a little. We weren’t going to use any submissions from Reapout team members, just to keep it fair… so instead he sent me a picture of someone who isn’t on the team… yet. While it doesn’t count as one of the official submissions, I couldn’t help myself from adding it anyway as a bonus one…

Raven has a deck with her name on it, so we can assume it’s gotta be her favorite. Right?

Our next entry is something we all can relate to. Getting what you wish for… kinda.
Jeff Keech sent a selfie with Turbonose, Marauder of Wildebeests.
When the game first came out, the one thing I was chasing was a Time Traveler deck. Didn’t matter if it was amazing or not, but of course I would prefer it to be a good deck.
Well….the first Time Traveler deck I ever pulled still ranks as one of the absolute worst decks I’ve ever opened.

Sorry to hear it. I’ve had a similar experience with Horsemen decks. Is it too much to ask for a Doorstep to Heaven and a decent Shadows suite?

Laurence ‘Frodo’ Moore is apparently a big fan of Archimedes…
The Admin of Chronomarket took me to the Top32 of the Birmingham Sealed Vault Tour. I got my decks to choose from and this one had the house composition I wanted. I took my time to look through all three, but this was the one my gut told me to go with. Mainly because I like Logos and drawing cards. I know people are down on cards like Library of Babble, but drawing cards is never a bad thing. On several occasions it saved me from Wild Wormhole-ing into cards I didn’t want to play; drawing the Unlocked Gateway twice in one game!
It also has everyone’s favorite owl, Archimedes.

That submission was a ‘hoot’. Congrats on top 32. That’s a good record for sealed, which can be really tricky.

Next up is Tancollar, the Farmer of Screens. Submitted by Lilian (aka StrawBrryGrl). Not the youngest player in the article, but still the youngest official entry.
The reason I like the deck is because of the cards in the house of Mars. This deck has two Mother Guns that help with board control, and Crystal Hive which helps me gain æmber fast. It also has Brobnar, which is my favorite house.
Nice deck there! Burn the Stockpile, 2 Bumpsy, Gatekeeper… looks like some powerful æmber control! Must be fun to play.

Before we get to our final fan submission, Coleen from team Reapout wanted to show off her favorite deck name…
The Child That Shouts at Thoughts
Not only does the deck have a Timetraveller, it also has a maverick Untamed Mother.
“The kid just wasn’t raised right. His mother was untamed. A real maverick. Now he just shouts at thoughts all day.”

And now onto our final deck submission.
This one comes from Jupiter Sacadura.
The Innkeeper of Monzapit
There are many reasons to love this deck. It’s very powerful, but even better is the story hidden within it. The Innkeeper of Monzapit is being swarmed by aliens and demons from the shadows… We cant save everything, and the outcome doesn’t look favorable. With a good Bait and Switch we might be able to make a run for it while the demons and the aliens fight to the death…
When I got Jupiter’s selfie, I knew right away it would make the list. This guy has done so much to keep the heart of the community beating strong. Podcasts, streaming, and always taking the time to help a player out when they need it. As Keyforge grows, I’m certain Jupiter’s status within the community will grow as well. He’s got a good heart, and that’s what it takes to succeed.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Heart.
Sure, it’s just a game… but one that is important to so many people. It’s time well spent with friends and family. Beers in the basement. Laughter at the kitchen table. Stories being shared and memories being made. You can’t unforge that.
So until next time, keep making those memories; I hope to be hearing more in the very near future.


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