Kevin Serrano

Kevin Serrano

My name is Kevin Serrano, I am 26 years old and live in San Diego, California. I started playing Keyforge in February 2019 when my friend and I went to my local game store to buy 2 decks to try out the game. I immediately loved it and bought another deck on my way out.

I’ve always had a love for anything gaming related and play a wide variety of genres. My favorites being card games and fighting games. Fighting games like; DBFZ, MK, UMVC3 and Street Fighter 3 are some of my favorites to play when I’m not playing Keyforge. 

I’ve only attended 1 vault tour in Vegas and went 4-2 but, I plan to attend a lot more in 2020. I look forward to meeting tons of new people and growing the amazing Keyforge community.

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