Jason “TheJaysta” Scarrow

Jason “TheJaysta” Scarrow

My name is Jason Scarrow, I’m 28 years old, and I’m from Des Moines, Iowa. I love card games, tabletop games, and anything strategic. I’ve been playing tabletop games for the past 15 years. I started off playing lighter strategy games such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. 

Over the years, my interests have become more and more strategic. In 2013, I discovered Android Netrunner. Netrunner was the first time I played a competitive card game, and I was hooked immediately. I started a local league, tried to get all my friends to play it, and played it every chance I could. Like most games, though, the Netrunner scene slowly died, and naturally, I wanted to find another game to fill the void that it left. I tried Warhammer: Conquest, Ashes, Game of Thrones LCG, Hearthstone, and Star Wars Destiny, but none of these games were able to hook me like Netrunner did until I found Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). L5R is a super complex and grindy card game that rewards skill and good decision making. I immediately took a liking to it, but my girlfriend, Coleen, didn’t like how long the games took and would get tired of playing longer sessions because of the mental strain the game takes. That’s when we found Keyforge. 

At first, I was pretty skeptical of Keyforge, but I wanted to to try and play it casually nonetheless. Two decks turned into 10, then into 20, and all of a sudden, we owned a ton of Keyforge decks. It’s just so fun to figure out how a deck plays, how different match ups work, and try to find a path to victory. Keyforge also challenges me in a way no other card game does because I have to adapt to the play style of my deck, which is different when I’m used to building my deck in a way that matches my play style. This aspect has made me not only a better Keyforge player but has opened up new possibilities in L5R and other games that I play. 

Keyforge is a breath of fresh air, and hopefully, solves some problems in a genre that seems to consistently make the same mistakes. I don’t have any specific goals in mind for Keyforge, but I hope to be able to attend as many Vault Tours as possible and perform well. I finished top 16 at the Denver Vault tour and hope to continue to place towards the top of the field!

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