Jason “BaitandSwitch” Shearer

Jason “BaitandSwitch” Shearer

Hi! My name is Jason Shearer. 36 years old. Born and raised in the New York countryside. I’ve been a fanatic for board and card games for the majority of my life, having played more games than I can remember. It started for me with the early 90s of Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons- a momentum that kept rolling into gaming on all levels from casual to competitive. I aspire for my years of experience to grow this fantastic game… Keyforge. Although my voice in the community is not the loudest, it is a tremendous passion of mine to share as much as I can. While my observations may not always be the most intellectually astute, I take a measure of pride from inspiring thought amongst those greater than myself. Perhaps someone reading my words will win a vault tour, perhaps not. I cannot foretell. But know that my words are always written with good intent, and it is my belief that good intentions will always carry a butterfly effect in similar. So in closing, I hope you will gain one thing from my words: “To be the butterfly’s wings.” Let your actions carry your intent to keep our gaming community as honorable, respectful, and as perfect as it has always been. Take the time to teach a new player, and someday he may teach you. We are always learning, and I thank you for learning along with me.

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