Forth WorthVault Tour Top 4 Tournament Report

Forth WorthVault Tour Top 4 Tournament Report

Forth WorthVault Tour Top 4 Tournament Report

As always Yeti Gaming put on a great event, so special thanks to them. The format was Sealed World’s Collide. Our decks came in a small bag marked with a letter code, which I think they used to deck check everyone. The system seemed rather smart to me, and a very efficient way to register decks that would only work in KeyForge where we can register a whole deck and not need to worry about individual cards. The scanning seemed to go smoothly and we were on our way.

The three decks I had to choose from all seemed very good to me. It was actually a very difficult decision to make. Possibly my hardest.

As always I laid out my decks and organized them based on what each card does. They all seemed about even in what the cards did. Control, aember control, card draw etc. When this happens I go to aember generation next. They all have 12-14 pips as well. Then I go to creature count. Again all similar. I ended up choosing F. Holdsworth because:
I love Logos and Dis.
It had strong steal cards.
I love Three Fates and Twin Bolt. I felt these would help with Saurians and Wards specifically (they did).
Double Exhumes seemed strong in a deck with so much removal.
It had Ortannu, and I haven’t gotten to play with him yet.

The deck performed very well for me. I had some very close games, but overall felt in control of what I was doing. The day feels like it went by quickly and I was 5-0 going to into round 6 of day 1. There were three 5-0’s and I got the pair-down to Laura, who was 4-1 at the time. The game was going well, until I made the horrible misplay of reaping into a C.A.N.D.L.E. Unit instead of killing it. I partly became obsessed with her Molephin for some reason, and my strategy logic skipped a step, which is a flaw that can catch up to me sometimes.

The extra cards was all Laura needed to slam another EDAI, make my keys cost 10, which I was about to forge, and make a board state that was difficult for even Ortannu to catch up with. Shortly after she pulled her archives reaped out and played a Key Charge for the win.

It was Laura that knocked me out of the tournament in day 2. Top 4 was a best of 3 match. Game 1 she lead with a very strong board state, and once again, pulled archives and Key Charged for the win. I knew I was going to have to play a strong control game and not rely on the Shadows steal as much. She played around it very well. This plan was going somewhat well, but her deck had such a strong board that my deck couldn’t handle it. Her Saurian line up had great aember and board control due to her 3 Thero Centurions, Panpaca, and Primus Unguis. I was out. She clearly had the Key Charge again, and I couldn’t keep her low enough on either aember OR creatures to stop it.

It was a great run and my first World’s Collide Vault Tour. Laura went on to win the entire tournament. Congrats to her! I feel she earned it, but I’m biased from playing her multiple times and not the other finalist. Despite being late into the set, here are my experiences with some individual cards. World’s Collide is already shaking up the meta, and looks to be a very strong set.

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Despite being worded as confusing as possible for comedic effect, this card can steal a TON of aember.
Flip a coin. Winner gets a key. High risk high reward.
More like M.O.N.S.T.E.R. unit.
The little engine that could, and did. Great target for Ortannu’s Binding as well.

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