Diving into Keyforge: My Denver Vault Tour Experience

Diving into Keyforge: My Denver Vault Tour Experience

On the heels of my fantastic experience at Adepticon, (making new friends, hanging out, and a Top 4 finish) I quickly decided that I wanted to go to another Vault Tour. After Adepticon I became a whole-hearted Keyforge enthusiast so I made arrangements to attend the Denver Vault Tour!

I was excited because originally the Denver Vault Tour was supposed to be Archon Triad and I think this format really exercises deck analysis skills. However, I was a little bummed when they announced the GEM software wasn’t compatible with the Archon Triad format so it was changed to Archon Survival. I really wanted to try a different format, but am hopeful they will figure it out for future Vault Tours.

In Between Adepticon and the Denver Vault Tour I played a lot of Keyforge. I thoroughly love this game I wanted my skills to stay sharp! I was also reevaluating which decks I should bring. This was a little more of a challenge because I share decks with my boyfriend, Jason and had encouraged him to sign up as well! True Love! I REALLY wanted him to have a good Vault Tour experience like I did so, I let him have first pick, including my Top 4 deck from Adepticon. More on our decks later.

It was during this time Team Reapout Captain, Casey W., who I met at Adepticon, invited me to be on Team Reapout. I mention this because I know there was a little panic when teams started forming but I wanted to share how I joined. Casey said he was starting a team. I asked what this entailed and he said not much, but he had made t-shirts for Denver. I laughed and responded; I’m in for hanging out with cool people, nerding out Keyforge, playing Keyforge, and wearing a shirt! It is pretty serious stuff if you couldn’t tell.

Now to the actual Denver Vault Tour. This one felt much more competitive than Adepticon; I believe this was due to the more favorable location. I saw some crazy decks and played against many skilled people. In the morning, Jason and I got there around 9 a.m. with plenty of time to explore and make sure we were ready for the main event. Unfortunately, as many have stated, the technology wasn’t working correctly so it took a wicked long time for 140 or so people to register. While we waited, we met up with our fellow Reapout members, some of whom I had not met before but I instantly liked and we talked Keyforge until we were able to registered. Afterwards the tournament went much smoother.

During the tournament, I shared decks with my boyfriend, Jason. He took what we considered at the time our top two decks, Xxanth, Holocube’s Healer and Skiponostril, the “Warden” of Freedom, which he put 1st and 2nd (he didn’t get to his 3rd because he went 5-1 and made day 2). I brought two new decks, Mastamule Andersen-Ingolfsson, Bull and The Child that Shouts at Thoughts, plus the one I used at the Adepticon Vault Tour, Iuzvex, the Aggressive Volcano Predator, and played them in that respective order. I won my first game and made a friend (Shoutout to Zach!) Unfortunately, I lost my second game by a long shot but bounced back to win my third game. In the 4th round I played the most fun game of Keyforge ever despite losing in that one as well. After winning my fifth game, I felt a lot of pressure to win the next round so I could make day 2. In Round six, I played Ben from Team SAS and had a great time. Unfortunately, I lost but he played with a deck that I dubbed my deck crush. I even tried to buy it from him but Ben said his wife wouldn’t allow it. I very much respected that.

I was a little down about not making day 2 but at the end of the day, I still had a great time! Jason went 5-1 and made day 2 with our best deck so I was very happy for him! Afterward, we decided to try a sealed auction. I didn’t like how they ran it, bidding chains on decks within a pod of 10, but getting matched up with other pods. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I also didn’t like that you are required to bid a chain on a deck you may not want. Depending on where you are sitting you could just get stuck with your neighbor’s crappy deck. Anyway, I think it makes more sense in a small pod, but now I can say I tried it once, and I probably won’t bother with that format again.

The next day we came back so Jason could play in day 2. Since I didn’t make it, I signed up for a sealed pod. It was frustrating, however, because it took forever to launch. While I was waiting, I got to watch people play day 2, including Jason. He ended top 16 where he unfortunately got paired with a fellow teammate, Jean Claude. It was an unfortunate draw but it happens. Jean Claude went on to make top 4. I’m was quite happy for all my team members who made day 2, Jason Scarrow, Top 16, Dave Cordeiro, Top 8, Jean Claude, Top 4, and Brooks Clark, 2nd place. It was fun to cheer them on and celebrate their success. It’s probably my favorite part of being on a team. And for those wondering, I had pleasant experiences when playing or interacting with members of Team SAS. Lastly, I don’t want to make people think they are missing anything by not being on a team. We are ALL part of the Keyforge community and I hope we can all celebrate one another as human beings by being kind and giving grace while playing this fun game. I am excited to meet more people, whether they are on a team or not!

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent at the Denver Vault Tour with people I care about, with the new friends I made, and all while playing the game I love! I love it so much, Jason and I will be heading to the Origins and Gen Con Vault Tours! What can I say? I’m a Keyforge addict! I hope to see you there!

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