Coleen “Cocofoshosho” Tanyag

Coleen “Cocofoshosho” Tanyag

Hi, my name is Coleen Tanyag. I am 27 years old, and I am from Des Moines, Iowa. If you ask anybody who knows me, they will tell you that I love people and have way too many interests/hobbies. One of my favorite things to do is obviously play tabletop games, especially Keyforge.

I’ve been playing Keyforge since release and got introduced to it by my boyfriend Jason, who is also on Team Reapout (mutual friends and gaming brought us together in general). However, I’m relatively new to the gaming scene; I got into gaming 3 years ago after I was sucked in by “Gateway” games like Pandemic and Ticket to Ride so I hope I can inspire new gamers. I love games because I have a blast going on little adventures with my friends, and I enjoy getting to know people through playing games.

I think Keyforge is a fun game to play for many reasons: I like that it’s quick to play, easy to set up, not too complex to teach, and accessible to many. I did not anticipate how it is able to connect so many people, and this has been the best surprise. I started playing Keyforge because I enjoyed the game and loved playing locally with my friends, but now this love has grown because of the people I’ve been able to connect with and will hopefully connect with in the future. 

My goals for Keyforge are to play the best I can and love on people through this game. At my first major tournament at the Adepticon Vault Tour, I finished top 4 (1 of 2 people that went 6-0 on day 1), which was a surprise, but I feel like I won more by meeting such great people, including my teammates on Team Reapout. Winning is fun, but I hope we can all remember that people are more important. I hope to better myself as a person and Keyforge player by going to as many Vault Tours and Keyforge events as I can. Can’t wait to meet and see you all there!

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