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Call of the Archons Sealed: Adaptive finals Finalist – B. Celerinius, the City Archbishop Finalist – Quantumeo, Spawn of Bomblobe Top 4 – Warlord Yoweasel Tsong Top 4 – Yassafrass the Exquisitely Affluent Top 16 – Artscourge, the Wretched Ruins Innkeeper Top 16 – Brothchild of Workingwich Locus Top 16 – Messenger Gunner Glowwhig Top
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Welcome to reapout.com a Keyforge community and the first edition of Knowledge is Power. Our goal is to explore, enjoy, and grow the game. Age of Ascension is right around the corner and I’d like to discuss some of the things we can all do to help ascend the game that we love. I have learned quite a
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You better bring your A game or expect to get THE AXE. When she isn’t kicking Dave’s butt at keyforge Becca enjoys playing video games like 7 Days to Die.

Charles, Big Chuck, The Frankenstin, Mad Dog, The Real deal or even Funky Jazz Master C if you find me at a Vault Tour shout anyone of these things I’m sure well find something to talk about. Beaches, Stray Dogs, or even Western Literature.

I am 34 years old born and raised in small town Kansas, I have played MTG for 20+ years. In November of 2018 I gave Keyforge a go, and have been hooked on its uniqueness and variety ever since. Keyforge to me is a game about learning the inside and outs of your own deck,
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