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Welcome to the very first episode of our new series Reapout Plays! Check back in weekly for videos of interesting matchups with (hopefully) informative and entertaining commentary from hosts Dave Cordeiro and Alec Balasko. Have an idea for a matchup Dave and Alec should try out? Leave a comment and let us know!

Worlds Collide Sealed Deck 1st – The Master of Knockburning 2nd – Arfiel, the Colleague Artisan Top 4 – Eternally Empty Peninah Top 4 – Proportionate “Æsy Æ” Nero Top 16 – Kyell T. Osteophus, the Fourth Top 16 – Sekhlen, the Champion Oak Top 16 – Nguyen the Scarcely Honest Top 16 – Vulchroo
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Single Deck Archon 1st – Litetasker, Market Sheriff 2nd – Despot Solaman, the Pompous Antagonizer Top 4 – Blaze, the Fugitive of Fire Top 4 – Salvador “Nine to Five” Bellehodge Top 8 – The Drowsy Spiritcaller of Kissingham Top 8 – Itō of Openmarket Rainforest Top 8 – D. Gemcutter, the Villa Protector Top
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Worlds Collide Single Deck Sealed 1st – X. Olivier, Farnate’s Long-winded Lord 2nd – Ibrilaff, the Gray Cell Mayor Top 4 – The Citizen who Steals from Light Top 4 – Archonovich the Passive Top 16 – Bjorn, Sage of the Paranoid Sea Top 16 – Mentor U. Leevivald Top 16 – Lieren, Vulgavard’s Scholar
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1st – Kantphage, the Lady General of the Keep 2nd – Farraway of Cloudforest Top 4 – The Mister of Queencorner Top 4 – Batzorig “Cannonade” Engikrieg Top 8 – Gracefully Moribund Roxy Top 8 – Titaness Hopkinson Top 8 – U. U. Wyrmomom of the Destitute Retreat Top 16 – Princess Q. Logicdagger

3 Deck Archon Survival – Bo3 Finals 1st – Adm. Inslang, the Pink Fraud 2nd – Ksieni Penelopa „Bebzun” Jaroch Top 4 – The Filthy Leader Tanner of Acham Top 4 – Nell la Sauvage, Pillarde du Clocher Top 8 – Dolores die Wortkarge Top 8 – Orson, Erfinder des Friedhofs Top 8 – M.
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