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1st – X. Olivier, Farnate’s Long-winded Lord 2nd – Ibrilaff, the Gray Cell Mayor Top 4 – The Citizen who Steals from Light Top 4 – Archonovich the Passive Top 16 – Mr. Novaeye, the Streetwise Poetaster

1st – Kantphage, the Lady General of the Keep 2nd – Farraway of Cloudforest Top 4 – The Mister of Queencorner Top 4 – Batzorig “Cannonade” Engikrieg Top 8 – Gracefully Moribund Roxy Top 8 – Titaness Hopkinson Top 8 – U. U. Wyrmomom of the Destitute Retreat Top 16 – Princess Q. Logicdagger

3 Deck Archon Survival – Bo3 Finals 1st – Adm. Inslang, the Pink Fraud 2nd – Ksieni Penelopa „Bebzun” Jaroch Top 4 – The Filthy Leader Tanner of Acham Top 4 – Nell la Sauvage, Pillarde du Clocher Top 8 – Dolores die Wortkarge Top 8 – Orson, Erfinder des Friedhofs Top 8 – M.
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Archon: Single Deck Bo3 Top 4 1st – “Gasoline” Maximiliano, Dungeon Keeper 2nd – The Woman that Has The Alley Top 4 – Xarmatrix Litmus-Carel, Mechanic Top 4 – Nimrod of Crowngere Top 8 – Surge of Jagcircuit Top 8 – Centigun, Spawn of Lumberoat Top 8 – Cenbrow Roscomb-Nemonius, Eminence Top 8 – Survivalist
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Well now that Age of Ascension has put a deck into the finals of an Archon Vault Tour, maybe we can now start taking the set a little more seriously on the competitive level. I personally have been on the AoA can compete Train for the last couple weeks since it became playable on the
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Single Deck Archon 1st – Litmus, the Stone Keeper of Joy 2nd – Zetadrive, the Editor Designer Top 4 – Adm. Inslang, the Pink Fraud Top 4 – Emperor Triptomaw Platts Top 8 – Eli lo Sfuggente, Menestrello della Palude Top 8 – Lodowaty Zdrajca Top 8 – Mademoiselle “Gribouille” Wu Top 8 – Atomray
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