Alec Balasko

Alec Balasko

Hey folks! I’m Alec, a 23-year-old graduate student in Austin, TX. Since I spend a lot of time writing for stuffy academics, writing about KeyForge is a nice break from the norm for me. KeyForge is the first paper card game I’ve gotten into since playing Magic with my brother as a kid, but I’ve spent my fair share of time playing online games like Hearthstone, Magic Arena, and especially Gwent. There’s something I love about unusual win conditions (the absurd number of mill decks I’ve built in Magic Arena can attest to this) and that’s what first drew me to KeyForge. More than anything, I like getting into the really detailed thought processes behind piloting certain decks or using certain cards. My biggest competitive accomplishment is not bringing artifact control to the Denver vault tour and getting knocked out by a one-turn-KO LANS deck but we don’t need to talk about that… Happy forging!

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