Age of Ascension Set Review: Untamed CotA Reprints 7 of 7

Age of Ascension Set Review: Untamed CotA Reprints 7 of 7

So today is Untamed, and Fantasy Flight Games have shocked a lot of the Keyforge world with new erratas to Bait and Switch, as well as Library Access. While both cards are very powerful, I personally don’t believe these changes were necessary for the growth of the game. Time will tell but I believe the game will become less diverse at least for the next few month until a 3rd or 4th set are release. I think you will see alot of Shadows, Untamed, X decks dominate the upcoming Vault Tours, without LANS in the meta there will likely be less Logos, Untamed, X decks. I believe Untamed in CotA was only 2nd to Shadows. Enough about that you have come here for the set review, so lets get started.


Full Moon – Is a fine card, but I always prefer having Hunting Witch as there is always a chance the Witch sticks around for another turn, it also can’t be Mimicry’d Sealed 4, Archon 3

Key Charge – Forging keys outta turn is very powerful. Its a nice way to shut out shadows from stealing your amber have you have burst to enough for a key. I prefer Chota Hazri for similar reasons I like the witch over Full Moon, but Key Charge is still a strong card in the right decks. Sealed 3, Archon 4

Regrowth – This card is a card that scales alot, the better creatures you have the better this card comes. One of my favorite cards to Regrowth in CotA was Teliga. Getting a powerful untamed creature is great as it allows you to play it the turn you Regrowth it. Sealed 3-4, Archon 3-5

Save the Pack – Not one of my favorite cards in CotA from Untamed, but with the new cards Their Everywhere it should get a boost in those decks. Sealed 3, Archon 1


Chota Hazri – One of the more powerful cards in the right deck, being able to forge outta turn for only 1 extra amber is great, if you can pair this with a Full Moon or a Hunting Witch it becomes even stronger. Sealed 4, Archon 4

Flaxia – Not quite as good as Dust Pixie, but in the right decks it can be very powerful and I never shy away from decks with this card in it. 4 power vanilla creatures are fine, when you get the bonus Amber or get to pair it with nature’s call this card can really shine. Sealed 4, Archon 3

Fogbank – like a lot of other cards in the game of keyforge this card scales some depending on what other creatures you have in your deck, for example in CotA if your deck had a 2 or 2 Hunting Witches or a Teliga Fogbank was a great way to protect them from a board full of Brobnar creatures. This card will remain solid in AoA with Duskwitch already being spoiled. Sealed 3.5, Archon 2

Grasping Vines – Sealed 0, Archon 0

Lifeweb – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Mimicry – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Nature’s Call – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Nepenthe Seed – Sealed 0, Archon 0


Curiosity – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Fuzzy Gruen – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Inka the Spider – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Kindrith Longshot – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Lupo the Scarred – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Mighty Tiger – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Perilous Wild – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Piranha Monkeys – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Teliga – My favorite Untamed rare in all of CotA not even close, majorty of the rares in Keyforge are a bit wonky and sometimes hard to shape decks around. Teliga is not one of those rares, it’s great in any deck it shows up in and is a must respond to threat to almost any opponent with creatures in their deck. Sealed 5, Archon 5

The Common Cold – Sealed 5, Archon 5

Witch of the Wilds – Sealed 5, Archon 5

World Tree – Sealed 5, Archon 5


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