Age of Ascension Set Review: Logos

Age of Ascension Set Review: Logos

Age of Ascension Set Review: Logos

This is our third time doing this, so let’s just skip the intro and go straight to the cards!


Right.. so this guy was good to begin with when the set first came out. Then Origins Vault Tour happened. I’d imagine most people here know what that ruling entailed, and for those that don’t know I’ll go straight into the meat of it. If a board wipe gets played and Archimedes is on the battleline, you will archive your entire battleline except for a single Archimedes, then that lone Archimedes will be destroyed. No sense in typing 3-4 paragraphs explaining why, just accept it. Even without a board wipe, there is something extremely enjoyable about attacking with creatures that have play effects, archiving them with Archimedes (hopefully after they destroy an opponents creature) and bringing them back on a future turn to get their play effect a 2nd time. Sealed 4.5 Archon 4

Binate Rupture

This card was the reason we got the key word “Alpha”. Don’t believe me? Take away the word Alpha for a moment and picture every single busted scenario this card could be in. This is one of the few cards that you don’t mind overstaying a few turns in your hand, waiting to set up a turn where your opponent has 0-1 Aember and you have 3-5. And if your deck happens to have Interdimensional Graft, get ready to disappoint a lot of friends. Kinda makes me wish Bait and Switch hadn’t got errata’d. Sealed 3.5 Archon 3.5 (Take these up to 5 each if you have BRIG, the 2nd most sought after combo in AoA)

Cutthroat Research

You get an Aember when you play it, with a chance to steal 2 from your opponent should they be at 8 or more Aember. In my experience with this card, I think it’s incredibly important to get into your opponents head. Are you playing sealed? If your deck has Logos and Shadows there is a good chance your opponent will only go to 7 Aember on their turn for fear of cards like this one and Ronnie Wristclocks, so I personally don’t mind playing it early for a single Aember if I’m up against a keen player. In Archon, at the vault tour level, I would most likely hold it if I see my opponent has a speedy Untamed without a key cheat. This is a card where you need to get a read on your opponent most games, and when in doubt, just cycle it for 1 Aember. Sealed 2.5 Archon 3


If there is one thing that AoA did right for Keyforge, it was showing us just how amazing cycling cards can be. Most of us figured out how playing whatever house got the most Aember/cards out of your hands fairly quickly could be a game winning strategy, and cards like Eyegor can create the same effect without even having to call the house that got rid of the most cards in your hand, instead focusing on Aember if it happens to be Logos that would get you the most that turn. Eyegor is a fantastic card on so many levels, the ability to choose the best card out of the top three cards in your deck while discarding the other two will always be a powerful effect. Sealed 4 Archon 4.5

Helper Bot

This is a tremendous upgrade to phase shift! It’s amazing how you can take an effect that was powerful, attach it to a 1 power body, and now it’s at a whole new level. Phase shift was easily one of my favorite cards in CotA thanks to the ability to call Logos, use all those cards, as well as using a trick from a completely different house (such as stealing) all the while digging that much deeper into your deck thanks to drawing an extra card at the end of that turn. That’s a lot happening from a seemly simple effect. The ability to reap with phase shift is truly special.


A lot of people tell me how much better houses like Brobnar and Sanctum got with AoA. Logos got pushed up a notch as well. Hexpion is another great card that helps you get through your deck faster, and it keeps coming back to help you in the future. There is so much value in a card like this and it’s value goes up the better your deck is. Sealed 3 Archon 2.5

Pip Pip

Another one of the many cards in this set that punishes players for reaping. This one only affects your opponent which is nice, but it has no elusive to help it survive combat and comes in a house without Taunt creatures. It’s a fine card, but easily dealt with. Sealed 1.5 Archon 1


A great utility card that comes with an Aember and a great chance to draw a card just for killing a creature with it. Don’t try and hold onto this card waiting for an opportunity to draw another card, because playing it is just as good since you’ll be drawing that card at the end of the turn anyways. Cycle and get that Aember! Sealed 1 Archon 1

Professor Sutterkin

Wow. This guy is better than Library Access (since he only existed after the nerfs happened). He gets more absurd when you consider that you can have multiples of him. Getting to use him 2 times in a game will typically push you so far ahead that an opponent will have a horrible time trying to catch up with the card advantage he created. Any deck that has a single Sutterkin and a rocket boots will be a threat, no matter how terrible the rest of the cards may be (as long as you have other logos creatures) and you should figure out the best way to keep him alive. If Sutterkin is on the opposing side of the board, destroy him, even if he’s the only Logos creature your opponent has. You never know how many logos creatures your opponent’s next turn will bring. Sealed 3.5 Archon 3.5

Standardized Testing

I very quickly became a fan of this card. Sure, it can create some awkward situations, but ultimately you are the person that will get to choose whether or not you play or discard this card anytime you call Logos. One of my favorite spots to have this card in is when I’m going second and I happen to have this with a few other Logos cards in my hand. Odds are your opponent played a creature the first turn, and if they did, you start off with this card negating their first turn play. Sealed 2.5 Archon 2

Titan Librarian

I’m so happy they gave creature 4 power. It feels like the perfect number for a card with this effect. It’s important to point out that you archive a card from hand after you have already drawn cards, so you will be short a card for your next turn. This makes chains and discard effects really powerful against you. Keep in mind if your opponent does have discard effects that you can “hide” your best card every turn so you will always have access to it, barring some of the few ways an opponent can mess with your archive. Sealed 3 Archon 2.5

Z.Y.X. Researcher

This guy is awesome! Any deck with this card needs to be aware of it’s discard at all times. I love that he can always get back the best action you play on the turn you decide to play him. Archiving the top card of your deck is great, but I’d imagine having a game plan in advance to archive specific cards in your deck will be his best use. Sealed 4 Archon 3.5

Backup Copy

This effect is slightly tainted in most player’s views thanks to Dextre. It could be painful watching your opponent constantly clog up your future draws just because they found a way to deal with him each and every time you played him. Don’t let Dextre skew your thoughts about Backup Copy. Placing Backup Copy on any creature with a play effect is value, and even if you don’t have a creature with a play effect, just placing it on your current best creature will still be a solid play. Biomatrix Backup in Mars is probably better in most situations, but Logos has several ways to draw into the creature if you kill it the same turn you play Backup Copy, possibly making in certain decks. Sealed 3.5 Archon 3

Director of Z.Y.X

FFG, thank you. I wonder how many times the testers went back and forth trying to decide what size creature this effect should be attached to. Should it only be a 2 power with elusive, or a simple 4 power with no elusive? I’m super happy Director is the way it is. 3 power survives most direct damage and the ability to negate an attack is excellent. Archiving a card at the start of your turn, that you can still possibly use that same turn is awesome, and if you don’t want it, you are pushing further into your deck to find cards you do want. Any card that helps speed up the rate you go through your deck will always get the nod from me. Sealed 3.5 Archon 2.5


Another card that could never be possible without the Alpha keyword. Archiving 2 random cards from your hand is in my opinion a very small price to pay for getting 3 Aember. Is it just me, or has Logos become the house of random? I adore this card and can’t wait to open a deck that has several of these. This effect could certainly hurt you more in Archon format because there are too many turns where you need to do specific things and it would be awful to get rid of the most important thing in your hand. Still powerful and fun no matter how you look at it. Sealed 4 Archon 2.5

Fila the Researcher

Any card that lets you draw cards is great. AoA seems to have more creatures inside most logos decks so there’s a great chance you’ll always draw 2 off Fila the first turn you play her. Bonus points if your deck has deploy cards inside other houses so you can play them next to her to draw cards even when you call a different house. Sealed 2 Archon 1.5


Jargogle has a very interesting effect. I enjoy that even if your opponent kills Jargogle on their turn the card you placed underneath is preserved, as it goes to your Archives. In many situations, this ability functions much like Phase shift, just slower most times. There is a certain combination of cards that makes Jargogle create a really neat situation that otherwise doesn’t exist in the game, and thats Jargogle + Strange Gizmo + any Omega card underneath Jargogle. If that situation is set up, and you forge a key during your Forge A Key Step, Jargogle’s destroyed effect will trigger, you play the Omega card, and the step that ends is the Forge a Key Step! You will still get to play the rest of your turn afterwards so this can be plain nasty! Imagine playing something like Swindle, then call any house you want, playing your turn as normal afterwards. Awesome! Sealed 1.5 Archon .5

Memory Chip

You will rarely have a hand full of 6 Logos cards, so calling Logos and archiving a card should never be a negative. Therefore, being able to archive a card each time you call Logos is very powerful, not only are you setting up for a big turn in the future with another house, but you are also digging that much deeper into your deck (if you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of archiving) Sealed 2.5 Archon 2

Quantum Fingertrap

Had this card been been in Call of the Archons most of us would have been scratching our heads. But here in the world of deploy and cards with more effects involving the battleline, it doesn’t feel quite as useless. It gives an Aember (thank god) and can mess up both of the Panpaca’s gameplans as well as Lamindra’s, Grovekeeper’s, and the list goes on. This effect will either get really powerful in the future should they continue to add big battleline effects or basically just become a card that generates an Aember if this is the only set that features battleline and neighbor effects. Sealed 1 Archon .5


Pretty cool little artifact. Can sometimes shutdown an opponents deck or gameplan. Most decks have 1-2 houses that focus on creatures and the remaining houses typically contain something like steal, board control, or other big plays. Shutting down Drummer/chieftain, Witch of the Eye, and Professor Sutterkin’s shenanigans is a good feeling. Just the ability to shutdown the house that your opponent happens to have the most creatures of anytime you call Logos should slow most opponents down enough to win most games. Sealed 3.5 Archon 3


Something tells me in the future that a Legacy [Redacted] is going to be busted. I can just picture it now.. cards or a theme that puts Aember onto any card you like, talk about the perfect card to abuse that! This will only exist because FFG doesn’t want to allow dice to be used for counters, which is the only reason they made Aember the tracking method for this card. If this never happens it will only be because someone from FFG reads my articles (I’m looking at you Brad Andres!). For the current set though, I believe [Redacted] is perfectly balanced. It takes 5 Logos turns (you have to play it first) to get a free key, and gives your opponent plenty of time to destroy the artifact should it ever get close to going off. This is one of those fun rares that makes you appreciate how rares function in this game, a card that isn’t necessary for a house to work, but adds some quirky effect to your deck. Sealed 3 Archon 1

Entropic Swirl

There have been exactly zero times that this card has not provided me with both 4 damage and 2 Aember. For that reason I love this card, because (suprisingly) 2 Aember is really good. Sure, if your opponent has a super annoying 2 power creature, you can use this to take out a single trait creature and only get 1 Aember, but that’s the worst this card gets. Should hopefully put this powerful card into perspective for those that weren’t believers before. Sealed 4.5 Archon 4


Remember when I mentioned earlier how Logos seems to be the house of random now? This card helps justify that idea. Every time you activate this card you either get an awesome effect or a big fat dud. I still enjoy this card as it cycles your deck faster and every time it hits it forces your opponent to deal with a creature of yours. Sometimes putting the Aember onto your worst creature will help your better creatures survive a turn or two longer. Sealed 2 Archon 1.5

Master the Theory

When I initially saw this card, I had high hopes. For this to have a huge impact and archive more than 1-2 cards, you would have to be pretty far behind on the board. Then how many cards could you realistically play after that to try and either control the board or get a board presence? Cards that get better the further you are behind without directly helping you decrease that gap are generally cards I want to avoid in my decks. Sealed 1 Archon .5

Project Z.Y.X.

Let me get this straight.. This already powerful effect was attached to a 5 power creature.. and FFG decided to add some resilience to it with 1 armor? Ooooooo-kaaaaaaay? Logos took their archiving up a notch in this set, and this mutant allows you to play cards from there ignoring any house restrictions, how can I possibly give it a bad score? Sealed 4 Archon 4

Scientifical Hack

Being able to use all your artifacts on any given turn is indeed a powerful effect, but there are plenty of decks out there with this and only 1-2 other artifacts in the entire deck. Sadly, there are times when one of your other artifacts is already in house logos, turning this card into essentially just an 1 Aember card. I hope that one day, some great champion lives the dream and activates all 3 shards on the same turn in a distant future or possibly in an alternate reality. Sealed 1 Archon 1 (up to an 11 out of 5 in Archon if you yourself are that champion)

Shard of Knowledge

An upgrade to Library of Babble. Unless you get a one shard deck with this being the only one, ouch. Getting this card in any 2+ shard deck can become a powerful tool. If you are able to call Logos several turns in a row, it doesn’t matter much if you are playing new logos cards in your hand or not, because you can build up a sizable hand of your other two houses and be ready to lay them down after your opponent finally took care of whatever logos creatures you were causing a ruckus with. Sealed 1-4 Archon 1-4 (The shards values wildly vary based on how many you have in your deck)

The Curator

Ah yes.. The Curator and I have an awkward relationship. I’ve only opened 1 so far and he was simply a 3 power creature (insert someone smacking their head here) because the artifacts inside the deck were all static abilities and not actions. I feel like this guy could have had elusive, and possibly 2 power if there was a concern with him becoming too powerful. Sealed 1 Archon 1

And there you have it, my first impressions of Logos in Age of Ascension. The scores might seem lower than you’d expect, but it is only because I am trying to evaluate the cards based on typical scenarios. Synergies in AoA are on a much higher level compared to CotA, so the exact combinations in your deck can really swing a particular cards value wildly, which is why the ratings sites might take a long while to figure out the true power of AoA decks (if they ever do at all). Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week when we review Mars!

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