Age of Ascension Set Review: Logos CotA Reprints 3 of 7

Age of Ascension Set Review: Logos CotA Reprints 3 of 7


This is moving along fairly quickly and for those that haven’t been keeping along, I reviewed houses Brobnar, and Dis already. Today we have Logos and I will be ending the week with Mars tomorrow. I really liked Logos during CotA. While it’s notable Twin Bolt Emission, Mother, and Library Access aren’t coming back I think the cards that are returning will continue to represent Logos at the top of the ranks. The scale of 0 to 5 really is just my opinion and again memorizing them or adding them up won’t necessarily give you the best decks. Without further ado, lets check them out.


Labwork – Top Tier card, grants you an aember and allows you to archive a card. One of the reasons Logos is among the best houses from CotA is its ability for card draw and manipulation. This is one of those cards. Multiple copies in a single deck can really facilitate a combo deck or even lead to a big turn in rush or tempo decks. Sealed 5, Archon 5

Library of Babble – Isn’t as good as Labwork as sometimes you draw into an off-house card that you would have drawn into at the end of turn anyways. However, is most beneficial when you draw another logos card and get to extend your turn. With that said it’s about average for logos cards. Sealed 3, Archon 2.5

Titan Mechanic – A big body, solid skill testing card which reduces key cost by one when on a flank. Knowing when you can and can’t put it on a flank even two or three turns ahead can be a big advantage. His six power frame allows him to fight things off which logos doesn’t have much of. Overall, I like Titan Mechanic and don’t mind having two or three in my deck, especially in sealed. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3

Wild Wormhole – Great card! It gives you an aember on play and lets you play the top card of your deck. This allows you to get ahead through card advantage and possibly add to an off house during your logos turn. This card does require a little more memorization of cards remaining in your deck, lest you wormhole into a card that hurts you more than harms you. It’s a well designed card and I’m happy to see it back. Sealed 3.5, Archon 4


Bouncing Deathquark – One of the best board control cards in the game. You can destroy an enemy creature and a friendly creature, then repeat the effect as many times as you want as long as you repeat the whole effect. Not much bad to say about this. Rarely dead since you have to ability to choose the targets. Great reprint to have back. Sealed 5, Archon 5

Brain Eater – Logos doesn’t have a bunch of quality fighters but this is one. I like Logos lines with Brain Eater and this card never drives me out of a deck. However, when you’re fighting you’re not reaping but at least it will net you a card if it survives the fight. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3

Interdimensional Graft – With Lash of Broken Dreams back, I still like this card as that was one of my favorite combos from CotA. Interdimensional Graft forces your opponent to give you all their remaining aember after they forge. So cards that force your opponent to go over six aember pair extremely well with Graft. If your opponent has this card and but isn’t forcing you over six aember in key cost, don’t get greedy. Extending into it is not worth losing all your extra aember to it. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3-4

Remote Access – Artifact removal has been looked at as a mandatory in the Archon format lately. Even though this card doesn’t remove them, this particular artifact hate is great because it allows you to use your opponent’s artifact. It’s never a dead card like Poltergeist can be when you don’t want to blow up your own artifacts. If you have Labwork, Sloppy Labwork, or other ways to archive this card then you can save it for when you really need it. It’s always at least an aember which is nothing to look down on. Sealed 4, Archon 4.5

Research Smoko – Well designed card, I don’t love or hate playing with or against it. Once it’s destroyed you can archive the top card of your deck, which, is easy since it’s only a two power creature. Obviously, I would almost always rather have a Mother in this slot but Research Smoko has it’s own role and isn’t a card that completely turns me off to a deck. Sealed 3, Archon 2.5

Rocket Boots – There has been quite a bit of variance for me on this card in my CotA games. An upgrade that allows you to ready the attached creature after the first time it fights or reaps. I really like it in decks that have quality reap effects, particularly larger creatures or ones with evasive that can stick around for a turn if they aren’t in logos. Having it on an active Brad (Quixo the ‘Adventurer) was really good and I expect there will be some new Logos commons to pair well with this. Sealed 2-3, Archon 1.5-3.5

Sloppy Labwork – Not quite as good as Labwork, since you also have to discard a card in addition to archiving a card. However, it does fill a roll and will be better in sealed where you might have more “loose” cards in your deck. Sealed 4.5, Archon 4


Chaos Portal – Meh, it’s not Wild Wormhole or even close. It can, however, keep you from flipping a card you didn’t want. For instance, let’s say your deck contains Logos, Mars, and Dis with a Gateway to Dis. You have a board full of Logos or Mars Creatures you aren’t interested in destroying. Because you get to choose the house of the card you’re hoping to pull it creates a safeguard. Even though the top card might be Gateway, calling one of your other two houses will prevent that card from being played. This makes Chaos Portal situationally better, however, these situations are so limited I would almost always rather have Wild Wormhole. Sealed 3, Archon 1

Crazy Killing Machine – As far as random effects go, this one takes the cake. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s underwhelming, and sometimes it’s just average. I prefect decks without this much randomness. Wild Wormhole I dig because it’s a lot less random then it appears, but Crazy Killing Machine isn’t. If your opponent is on the exact same houses as you, it can be easy to kill off two of their creatures. Other times you share no houses and you get stuck killing off your best on board creature. Unless I knew everyone in the room was gonna be on the same three houses or if the rest of the deck is well above prime, I pass on decks with this card. Sealed 2, Archon 1

Dysania – A very good counter to some of the combo decks in the game. It isn’t always great, but it can be really back breaking for an opponent. It forces your opponent to discard all their discarded cards. If your opponent’s deck has one or two of these reconsider archiving your cards or archive your lesser cards just so you don’t lose something important. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3.5

Harland Mindlock – Due to Mindlock’s ability of taking an opponent’s creature that is on a flank, I’m interested to see how this plays with the new deploy mechanic. Deploy allows you to play creatures in the middle of a battleline and not on a flank. I’m guessing the value of this card goes down against AoA decks but up versus CotA decks where you can’t hide things. This is a very interesting dynamic we will see evolve as more sets are released. We may need to go back and reevaluate some of the cards we have seen from before. Wish it was a little bigger power wise, currently it is a glass cannon at just one power but if your opponent takes your best creature and you can’t respond to this guy, that can lead to the end of a game. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3

Knowledge is Power – The article’s name sake card is back! Although, I like the name for the article, (thanks for the suggestion Jed) I would almost always rather have Labwork or Sloppy Labwork in this slot. Now, if you have a couple of those or a Library of the Damned then the value would raise some because this card can reward you for having more cards in your archive with an aember for each one. Sealed 2.5, Archon 3

Neutron Shark – Alright I have to do it, NEUTRON SHARK DOOO DOOO, ok that’s enough. That song goes through my head every time I see this card. It’s a great card and like it in the majority of my logos decks. Nuetron shark provides board control taking out a problem creature or two without having to fight. Sealed 5, Archon 4.5

Ozmo, Martanologist – If you have Mars in your deck or you’re playing against Mars, this guy can really shine. Even though he is a logos card without Mars he can be a let down because his fight/reap ability is based on being around healing or stunning martians. I would much rather have him in my sealed decks than my archon deck as I think fewer people choose to play Mars. Sealed 2-4, Archon 1.5-3

Pocket Universe – This is a card that I have heard a lot of discussions over. Some people say it’s a dead card if your opponent has artifact hate, which frankly isn’t true. Take Nexus for example, if your opponent reaps with a Nexus and this is the only artifact you have in play, they have to put an aember on it. And that becomes an aember you can use. The card is rarely dead and can save you from Bait and Switch, Too Much to Protect, and even Doorstep to Heaven. Of course, if you know your opponent has ways to destroy it while you have aember on it, you’ll lose your Amber. Play it more conservatively and wait til their artifact removal is gone. Sealed 2.5, Archon 2

Replicator – Is the kind of card that can scale. The more good reap effects you have in your deck the better it becomes. Since it requires other creatures to copy abilities from, it isn’t great in a vacuum. It also isn’t in the best house for reaping effects either and it’s two power means it’s likely to die to a stiff breeze. Sealed 2-4, Archon 1-3

Strange Gizmo – Strange definitely fits this card. I have one deck that I really like with it. It combos great with multiple think drones. Though I’m almost always not a fan of this card. You can work really hard to build a board state only to have it wiped after you forge a key. Sealed 3, Archon 1

Timetraveller/Help from Future Self – I’m not sure I could hype these cards enough. Super super excited to see them back. Timetraveller grants you an aember and draw two cards on play, and his action lets you shuffle him back in the deck for later. Help from Future Self let’s you put Timetraveller back into your hand from your deck or discard pile and then put your discard pile back into your deck. The card draws and consistency this duo adds to a deck is great. Decks only become more insane when they have double Timetraveller and Help from Future Self. Sealed 5, Archon 5

Transposition Sandals – Glad this is a rare and doesn’t show up often. It’s fairly underwhelming in my testing and I would exchange it for just about any other Logos rare from CotA. Maybe it has more synergies with the new deploy ability. Time will tell but I’m pretty low on this card from the start but there is room for improvement with the new set. Sealed 1, Archon .5

Logos still feels strong to me. Although, Mother, Library Access, and some of the other cards have gone, the scientist and robots are thrifty. I wouldn’t ever count them out of being the leaders of the crucible. Neutron Shark (Doo, Doo), Timetravler and Labwork coming back should give us plenty to be excited about for AoA’s release. I’ll be back tomorrow for the last time this week with house Mars. Til then REAPOUT!

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