Age of Ascension Set Review: Dis CotA Reprints 2 of 7


Quick turn around this week, I’ll be reviewing Dis house today, Logos Tomorrow and Mars on Friday then be back Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week to finish off the last 3 houses Sanctum, Shadows and Untamed. I know your here for the review and not the intro, remember the scale is 0 to 5, memorize them add them up if you want, you likely wont find the best deck. Also these are my opinions not set in stone, so lets get started.


Charette – A solid bodied creature that controls tempo swings by capturing three aember on play. Arise! Isn’t returning to combo with it but Exhume is a new card I have seen spoiled that should pair similarly with it. Charette played well with Gateway to Dis and Key to Dis in Call of the Archons (CotA). The new board wipe in Age of Ascension, (AoA) however, has the omega keyword. Omega has to be the last card played so you won’t be able to play Charette after clearing the board. This indirectly makes Charette slightly worse in AoA than in CotA. Sealed 5, Archon 3.5

Dust Imp – Not much bad to say about Dust Imp, not much good either. At just two power it gives you two aember when destroyed and that’s fine. I’m not unhappy to have them in my deck but it’s not the most exciting card. They do however combo great with Hecatomb which is returning in AoA. Hecatomb destroys each dis creature and grants an aember to the owner for each creature destroyed this way. That’s four aember just for destroying dust imp. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3

Lash of Broken Dreams – +3 Key cost for your opponents next turn every time I use it? Sign me up! I can’t remember ever seeing this card in a deck and hoping it was something else. If you need a reason to play one deck over the other Lash is a very strong reason to use a deck. Sealed 5, Archon 5

Shooler – Does a great job at playing its roll. Look for combos with hysteria or even Three Fates your own Shooler just to Exhume him to possibly steal two in the same turn. I have a CotA deck with two Shoolers, an Arise!, and Three Fates and this combo comes up quite often. Sealed 4.5, Archon 3.5


Gongoozle – Kills a lot of good static creatures in CotA and I expect it to do the same in AoA. Even when it’s not outright killing something it turns into a Mind Barb plus three damage which is completely acceptable. Sealed 5, Archon 3.5

Hysteria – Very dependent on the cards around it so it’s a very difficult card to evaluate in a vacuum. I tend to stay away from Hysteria decks unless I know there are no negative synergies, but that can be tricky to see without playing the deck. Even having to pick up two or three of your own out of house creatures can set you back a turn or more. Sealed 1.5-2.5, Archon .5-2

Library of the Damned – I like this card a lot. It filters your hand and can set up really big turns. Library of the Damned can have some slight variance. This card really awards players that plan ahead and understand what their decks are trying to do. Sealed 4, Archon 3.5

Lifeward – Very strong effect and omni makes it even more effective. Getting a lead on board and then not allowing your opponent to add to theirs for a turn is a great feeling. Not so much for your opponent though.
Sealed 5, Archon 4

Pandemonium – Hit or miss. Sometimes this can really swing a game in your favor and other times it can be a hazard. When looking for my sealed deck it wouldn’t sway my decision one way or the other. Although, I prefer consistency over cards that can be blowouts but require a set up.
Sealed 2, Archon 1

Poltergeist – Great for destroying opponent’s artifacts. While I don’t really want multiples in the deck, having one is better than not. Make sure you discard it if it’s going to blow up your artifact. Its value also drops if your opponent’s artifact count is low or nonexistent but at least it gives you an aember. Sometimes the aember is worth losing your own artifact but it’s up to you as the player to determine which is more valuable depending on your game state. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3.5

Tentacus – Five power, with a fine static ability is nothing to be upset about. Tentacus forces your opponent to pay you an aember when they use an artifact. It can be quite helpful when your opponent relies heavily on their artifacts. Sealed 3, Archon 2.5

Three Fates – Killing three opponent’s creatures can go a long way in board control. At the same time it can be a dead card if you control stronger creatures than your opponent. I like having this card in my CotA decks and I expect I will in AoA as well. It isn’t broken by any means nor is it the most powerful card. It can, however, be very match up dependent. Look at the creature power curve of your deck when deciding on a deck for sealed. Three Fates works well in Mars or Shadows with smaller creatures and is less effective with Sanctum and Brobnar, houses with typically larger creatures. Sealed 3.5, Archon 3


A Fair Game – I originally wrote this card off early in CotA, but it has grown on me a lot lately. A Fair Game forces both players to discard the top cards of their respective decks and gain aember according to how many cards in their opponent’s hand match the house of the card their opponent discarded. The randomness can still be frustrating but if you set it up right the payoff can be very effective. Though I prefer not to gamble, this card allows you to set the odds in your favor. Sealed 2.5, Archon 3

Collar of Subordination – While this effect can be situational it’s a nice effect to have around. Collar of Subordination allows you to take control of an opponent’s creature. Stealing anything with a static ability can be a great tempo and board swing. Sealed 4, Archon 2.5

Creeping Oblivion – This a great card, allowing you to purge two cards from any discard pile. A quality answer to Timetravler who is set to return, as well as many other cards from CotA. I haven’t seen a full set of AoA but I fully expect this card to have plenty of other targets. Sealed 3.5, Archon 4

Eater of the Dead – Similar to Creeping Oblivion but you get a body to go with it. You can only hit creatures but it’s still a solid ability on a 4 power body that only grows. Sign me up. Sealed 4, Archon 4

Hecatomb – The power of this card with multiple Dust Imps as previously mentioned can’t be overstated. If you have this card with 3 or 4 Dust Imps the Amber gains can be amazing and consistent. I don’t like it as much with Charette so the value of this card will range depending on what is on the board. Sealed 3-5, Archon 2-4

Key to Dis – Having to wait a turn to blow up the board isn’t always optimal. Since now your opponent has a chance to respond. On the other hand, you get the Omni effect allowing you to use it on any turn regardless of your house choice. You can also play creatures afterwards unlike the new omega version. In addition, you won’t receive chains like Gateway to Dis in CotA. You also don’t have to use it right away. This allows you to set up a board position where you can over commit but your opponent can’t. Sealed 5, Archon 4

Overlord Greking – A seven power creature is nothing to snuff at. Give him the ability to steal smaller enemy creatures and I’m on board. This guy does what Dis likes to do, tear things up then put them back together. Hitting a Succubus, Mother, or Grabber Jammer in sealed and putting that disadvantage back on your opponent was amazing. I can only imagine there will be juicy targets waiting in AoA for Overlord to take control of.
Sealed 5, Archon 4.5

Pitlord – Very deck dependent, there are some decks that really love this guy and can take advantage of his taunt abilities. If you have a few exhumes to build your dis board, or ways to kill off the Pitlord when you’re done with it, its value rise. If you don’t and the rest of your Dis house is weak his value drops significantly. Make sure the rest of your Dis house can handle the load being the main house, if not I would look somewhere else as Pitlord can really put you behind. Sealed 1-4, Archon 2-4

Red-Hot Armor – This card really shines versus Sanctum but also does fine against mars. Since it doesn’t affect your own creatures and always nets you an amber it’s fine. However, I’m never overly impressed by it due to its situational nature. Sealed 2.5, Archon 2

Restringuntus – It’s actually possible for you to win turn 1 with this card. While it’s really rare, if your opponent has 6 of the same house and you nail that house, Game Over! They can’t even discard to draw into another house. For that reason I both hate and love this card. As a competitive player it’s great but for a casual game of keyforge it can get really oppressive. Sealed 5, Archon 5

Soul Snatcher – Whenever a creature is destroyed the owner gains an aember. This combos the best in decks where you’re not wanting to fight and have creatures you don’t want to be killed. Elusive shadows creatures come to mind. Being in a Brobnar, or Sanctum build it won’t shine near as well as with Shadows, Mars, and Dis where your board state is full of annoying advantageous creatures your opponent wants to remove.
Sealed 2-4, Archon 1-3

Tolas – No Thanks! I can’t think of any other Dis card I wouldn’t rather have over Tolas. It doesn’t fit the theme of the majority of Dis decks. I’m not sure I see it getting any better in AoA. I normally just consider it a blank when looking through decks. Sealed 0, Archon 0

Dis house was one of the most well rounded houses in CotA and is poised to do the same in AoA. Lash of Broken Dreams, Charlotte, and shooler back alone show its got the key control it needs, a new board wipe, plenty of solid creatures to reap, fight and action, and some of the best disruption in the game from Creeping Oblivion, Poltergeist, and Gongoozle. I expect to see alot of Dis at the top tables at the Birmingham Vault Tour, next week. Check back in tomorrow as I’ll review the returning robots of house Logos, REAPOUT!

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